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Buck's Favorite Video Clip(s)

Since the subject of "Writhing Women" has arisen, I thought that now was an appropriate time to introduce one very short clip, coutesy of the VLC video player record function and "The Rescue" which was purchased from Erotic-Death Productions some time ago.
Oh! And You Must Click "Allow Blocked Content" otherwise all you will see is the message "Error: Video playback was aborted".
Click to remove the "block" and the video player will take it from there.

Now as far as I am concerned, Bebe, who was only recently identified to me by Tommy Gunn, could have written a book on her version of this particular "floor exercise". The problem being of course that if she had, the still photography served as illustrations of her technique wouldn't do her or anyone else justice.
So then here's Bebe performing and doing what she is so very good at ...