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"Short Subjects"

I'm sure that some of you out there go back far enough to recall the days of the local Drive-in Motion Picture Theaters.
They were, as often as not constructed on some unused and not particularly useful pieces of real estate that could be used for little else at the time.
The one I remember was located at no great distance from a railroad freight yard
and the speaker hung over the edge of your car window which cranked open a bit
so that yu could enjoy the sounds of the freight cars slamming and banging as they coupled up.
Projected on the screen was a reminder to hang the speaker back on its post before driving away for the evening.
But that came at the end of what was most often a double feature.
Just imagine! Two movies at the price of one! Where will you find a bargain like that in this day and age? Not in my neck of the woods you won't.
But that cautionary note came at The End of the show
while at the beginning when it was just about dark enough to see them,
we were treated to various "Short Subjects".
Now if I remember correctly these included Newsreels for the Adults in the audience and (Oh Joy!) Cartoons for us young'uns.
Hey! How do you suppose Mickey Mouse and his Gang grew so Rich and Famous? He wasn't always in Disneyland you know.
So here we find that Thrill Killer has treated me - and now us - to some of his variations of "Short Subjects".
(And please note that any incorrect identification applied to the models is my error
as I remain quite certain that the Killer knew very well to whom he was applying his fond attentions.)