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Mutual Murder

Thrill Killer sent me these vid caps of Ingrid and her partner in what I expect when released originally as a Catharsis video was a variation on a
"Lovers Suicide Pact", or something along those lines. Now then, I have nothing whatever against watching girls exploring and appreciating one another,
but I've always had my doubts about them getting worked up enough to enjoy the prospect of being stabbed to death. Fantasy is one thing and Imagination is another, and mine won't stretch far enough to accept "Lost Lust" as a motive for self destruction in any form. I know that Shakespeare got away with it in Romeo and Juliet, but I'm not certain that I swallowed it completely even then. (It depends entirely on what kind of job Juliet does on herself.)
Be that as it may, I've taken the liberty to have "Mutual Murder" be another episode in the (hopefully) continuing sagas that surround the womens' prison
known locally as the Amazon Asylum.

Here at the asylum the Amazons call me the "Doctor".

It began as what may have been intended as a mean-spirited joke
in that my only medical function is to ascertain that an executed woman is indeed dead.
Nonetheless, the name has stuck as they say, and I've gone along with the gag for so long now
that it has become accepted as fact and no longer treated as a the joke that it is.

I was having what is officially called my Annual Review with the prison Warden.
This annual one-on-one meeting with the prison administrator is a government requirement for the purposes of performance assessment
and initiating a pay increase if, indeed there is to be one. In my own case the point is almost entiely moot as I donate my time, gratis as they say.
The warden, an Amazon in her own right, is quite sympathetic when I fret about the number of executions that are performed here,
and the fact that the number has been increasing since I've been here.
Since our interview was a mere formality, the warden had asked that I join her as yet another execution was about to take place ...

"Well now, Doc ... And do you mind if I make myself more comfortable? I thought not ... There! Now ... Where was I? Oh! Yes!
One thing that you want to bear in mind is that these women have all been transferred here from other prisons.
Ever since our politicians saw fit to ban capital punishment the other wardens can safely say that they have executed no one
provided that their incorrigibles were sent here to be disposed of quietly.
I expect that the larger question is why do so many Amazon women end up in prison in the first place?"

"First of all, we mustn't overlook our success stories ...
The Amazons excel at athletics - gymnastics for one ..."

"And tennis for another ..."

"If watching two women attempt to beat one another senseless is more to your liking, we have boxing ..."

"Or should you prefer something somewhat more gentle, there is womens' golf ..."

"And if you want to see a fair-sized hunting party involved, we have basketball ..."

"And last but by no means least, we have Body Building which is the racket that I was into myself for a fair number of years!"

"But for those among who find the competition involved in sports a bit tame, we are represented in both law enforcement ..."

"As well as the military ...

These women all represent Amazon Success Stories that just go to show how versatile and adaptable we Amazon women can be!"

"On the other hand there are those who either prefer or are forced to fall back on the ways of the warrior who never left Amazonia ...
A fair number of the success stories are of women who grew up here or anywhere else outside of Amazonia.
The Warrior Spirit is their heridity, but they face none of the drawbacks and handicaps that plague the Amazon emmigrant.
What with the language barrier and the fact that they have no other marketable job skills, they fall back on doing what they know how to do best!"

"If she isn't a killer by nature, then she has little choice other than to join the ranks of those in the world's oldest profession ...
But here at the Amazon Asylum we are not overly concerned with any of the prostitutes unless one of them happens to turn violent."

"We don't often see a prisoner who has learned to handle a gun with any efficiency in here, Doc ...
Guns are in such every day use these days that the shooter could be just about anyone, and unless she is caught red-handed,
there is usually nothing to indicate that the victim was shot by an Amazon.
But when the killers fall back on old habits and slaughter their victim with what is now a less than conventional weapon,
then the chances are often quite good that sooner or later one or another or both of them are going end their careers here at the Asylum."

"The two who saw fit to butcher poor Zoe, for whatever reason, eventually found themselves here at the Asylum
where Cassandra opted to be the first of the pair to face our Executioner ..."

"Chastity had sought to avoid identification by dying her hair, but witnesses to Zoe's murder saw through that quickly enough.
I suspect that the voluptuously rounded body that Chastity has served to give her away ...
And of course Doc, you know all about how the we give our prisoners their choice in the manner of their execution,
so I need not go into that further other than to say that our Executioner served her quite well."

"So Doctor, as we finish our preamble and move closer to the case at hand,
I suppose that you would like to know something of the crime for which these two are to be executed ...
It seems that the pair of them were commissioned as a team to rub out the head of a local witches coven - which they succeeded in doing ..."

"One of them took the care to extinguish a candle that was burning - to avoid the hazard of fire, don't you know ..."

But to begin with, who do you know has ever heard of an Amazon Coven or an Amazon Witch, either one?
We've Priestesses enough, Lord knows, and a few who claim to being a sorceress ...
But no witches!
Personally I think that these two, being not particularly knowledgable about such things were set up!
Why, the woman they snuffed wasn't even an Amazon!
And we all are well aware of the consequences of an Amazon killing a civilian!"

"And of course the other fly in the ointment was that they did their deed at the wrong address.
Even at best they had invaded the wrong coven and killed the wrong witch."

"Now then, Doc! Neither of these two women looked forward to confronting our Executioner!
And I can't very well say that I blame them!
Who would?"

"And since there were what I consider to be extenuating circumstances surrounding this case ..."

"I took it upon myself to approve their request for what is to my mind a rather unusual form of execution."

"Now while it is not at all unusual for us to grant an Amazon the privilege of committing suicide ..."

"What is more common when a double execution is in order,
is to allow the two Amazons involved to fight one another to the death."

"But with this pair I've seen fit to make an exception in honoring their request ..."

"So rather than fight one another ..."

"Or to commit suicide ..."

"And most certainly to avoid any contact at all with our Executioner ..."

"These two have been provided with a single knife ..."

"For the singular purpose of stabbing one another to death!"

"Now Doc, I want you to bear firmly in mind ..."

"That this came about at their own request!"

"I'll admit that I was intrigued by the idea ..."

"And thought that it would lend some ..."

"What shall I say? ..."

"Variety to the proceeding!"

"In any event, I gave them my approval."

"So while I can't say that it was my idea ...

"I may at least claim that I fostered ..."

"What I believe to be a unique style of execution."

"Now as you can see, while I was talking ..."

"Ingrid has run the knife into her partner's navel ..."

"That, as you are well aware ..."

"Is not a wound that will kill immediately ..."

"Nor even very quickly ..."

"And it would appear that at the moment our Ingrid is having second thoughts!"

"But what is fair is fair after all ..."

"And Ingrid had her chance ... She was first to handle the knife!"

"So now it's only right that it's her turn to suffer the knife's thrust to her navel ..."

"Let's see how she reacts, shall we?"

"As you might expect, Ingrid topples back seeking to pull her gut away from the intruding blade ..."

"And who can very well blame her for that?"

"For her part, Ingrid's partner appears to be thoroughly enjoying herself ..."

"Just look at the way she is bearing down on the handle of that knife!"

"She's driving the blade just as deep as she possibly can into Ingrid's belly!"

"And now she pulls the knife from her partner's gut as Ingrid's body heaves and arches in reaction!"

"Doc! Isn't this wonderful?!
She'd just love to plunge her knife into Ingrid's chest!

"But in this case that's forbidden!
Because then it would all be over ..."

"And the end will come and this will be over all too soon even as it is!"

"Ah! Isn't that sweet?
The Kiss of Death!"

"You can almost hear her saying, 'Was it as good for you as it was for me?'"

"And Ingrid is replying, 'I suppose so ... Yes!'"

"'But God! How it hurts!'"

"You know, Doc?"

"I don't believe that there's anyone who can arch quite the way Ingrid does!"

"I really hope that she summons the strength to do it for us!"

"Ingrid's friend looks as though she were asking, 'Did I do you as well as you did me?'

And Ingrid must have replied something like, 'Hell, yes! I should say so!'"

"And I'll bet that Ingrid is saying, 'I let you talk me into this ...'"

"'Because you promised me a truly orgasmic experience!'"

"Oh! Look! See, Doc? There it is!
And didn't I tell you that no one can arch like Ingrid?"

"It seems that all the world thinks that it takes really big breasts to achieve a visually orgasmic arch ..."

"But as you have just seen, that clearly isn't so!"

"It's really a matter of the expansion of her chest that counts for anything ..."

"See? Look! There she is at it again!"

"Oh! How it make me want to bury a knife in her chest when she does that!"

"How fondly I remember those times in the old days when I was back in Amazonia myself ..."

"And I would have my victim on her back on the ground ..."

"My knife buried deep in her belly ..."

"Then as her bosom heaved skyward ..."

"How quickly I would pull my knife from her belly and thrust its blade beneath her breastbone ..."

"Being careful to angle it upward so that it would carve her heart and lungs!
Ah, but those were the days!
Let me tell you!
But then, I was ever so much more merciful about killing than the girls these days ...
It was all over rather quickly, you see ..."

"Well, Doc ... From the look of things over there now ...
I'd say it was time for you to go and clap your stethoscope on their chests and make your determination!
I've got to head up to my office and retrieve the paperwork!"

"I'll see you in the movies!"

The following gallery is not composed of "outtakes" but "extras". Thrill Killer does not "skimp" when he is making vidcaps.
I made use of the ones I thought best fit the situation, but 't'would be a shame to waste the others, so here they are!
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