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London's Disappointment

London was somewhat perturbed when I had to tell her that Thrill-Killer had no interest in manipulating her shower photos.
But she had a rather unique way of demonstrating her disappointment.

I believe that these photos of London were shot by Chris Brown,
who Thrill Killer and myself have joined numerous others in welcoming
back to the Dead Skirts Message Board.

"I'm sorry London, but the Thrill Killer has no interest in participating in your shower scene ..."

"He doesn't? Well ... Damn!"

"And here I thought Buck and I had a sure thing!
I had no idea Thrill Killer was such an old fussbudget!"

"Gues I'll just hafta show those guys!"

"Luckily for me that I had the opportunity to collect ..."

"... this knife that Mr Bown left lying around!"

"How is this thing supposed to work anyway?"

"They tell me that the blade ..."

"... will slide harmlessly back into the handle ..."

"But, Boy! It sure looks real enough!"

"Gee! I wonder if I have the nerve ..."

"... to actually go through with this?"

"Gosh! But the blade doesn't retract any too easily!
I wonder if I really ought to be doing this?"

"I guess the thing to do is to pull it right in ..."

"I can't believe I've just stabbed myself!"

"The blade didn't retract at all!"

"Oh, Lord! But this hurts!
I think I'm gonna puke!"

"Help! Somebody! Please!
Oooh! I don't wanna die!"

"Say, London!
The photographer's all set up!
Are you about ready to go in here?
Oh! I see you've been practicing wth the knife ...

Good Grief!
What's happened?
What did you do?!"

"Actually, it was no one's fault, officer!
But with all the prop weapons that are left laying around here ...
Something like this was just bound to happen!

(And besides, if you want something done right, you'd best see to it yourself!)"