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Act Naturally

The source for this episode is the Catharsis video Sacrificing Ingrid.
Thrill Killer saved the stills and emailed them to me.
So far he has given me my choice of which images to use.
I guess that's the "safest" approach as some pictures are easier for me to "talk to" than others.
And nothing is wasted - other than the girl in the picture set of course - because any "leftovers" go into the Extras Gallery.
I was thinking "Out-Takes" originally but then decided that they weren't.
They were just something extra like those special features they have on those DVDs you rent or own.
(I've never bothered viewing any of them - am I missing anything?)
This episode could easily have been placed in the Amazon Asylum,
but I happened upon an abandoned country church amid my collection of derelict buildings and I thought we'd vary the setting a bit.
Here then is Ingrid acting naturally ...

With a well satisfied expression on his face, the man sitting at his desk took a leisurely puff on his cigar,
and raised his glass of wine in a salute to the tall, slender girl who sat expectantly on a chair before him.

"Here's to you, kid! We got it!"

"We did? Oh, wow! That's terrific! What do I do? When do I start?"

"This wasn't at all easy, I'll have you know, Ingrid!" Her agent said in all seriousness.
"Horrific Productions is the hottest item on the street right now!
You do well on this project and you'll be able to write your own ticket!"

"I can't thank you enough, Abe!"

"I'm a guy who's just doing his job, Ingrid!
Now then ... You go with Debbie here ... And just do whatever she says and you'll be fine!"

"Where are we headed, Debbie?" Ingrid asked as the two women sped out of town in Debbie's car.

"We're shooting a scene on location, Ingrid! It's an old church out in the country ... You'll love it!"

"Gosh, Debbie! Is this the right place?"

"It sure is!
Isn't it great?
It's just what we wanted for our Witches Coven!
C'mon! Let's go inside!"

"Okay ... I just hope that the place doesn't fall down on us!"

"Good Lord!" Ingrid was aghast. "This just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?
And they want us to use those stairs?
Are they safe?"

"They're as safe as can be, Ingrid!
The crew has been cleaning up space for our set all week! C'mon up!"

"Ha! Alone at last!" A sinister voice hissed. "And now, Debbie - I've got you just where I want you!"

"Okay! Okay! You got me, Donald!
Now quit the clowning and let me introduce you to Ingrid!
Donald's one of our crew!"

"And your director, don't forget that!" The hooded figure interjected.

"He's about two bricks shy of a full load ...
But he's harmless!"

"And that I am!
Usually ...
How do you do, Ingrid?

"I'm fine, Donald!
But hey, guys! I just though of something ... I don't have a script!"

"Donald has the script between his ears!" Debbie quipped.

"This is the scene where the virgin is sacrificed, Ingrid ..."

"And I'm supposed to be the virgin, I take it?"

"Right! I'll feed a few cues to Debbie and you're to do pretty much what comes naturally!"

"You don't have to worry about getting hurt," Donald went on to say.
"Because the knives in use all have blades that retract into the handle ..." The director said as he demonstrated.
"Oh! And one other thing!
Did your agent mention that this scene requires nudity?"

"Full-Frontal at that!" Debbie piped up.

"Well just give me a moment to think about it guys!" Ingrid pretended to protest mildly as she ducked behind a convenient curtain.

"Will this pretty much fill the bill?" Ingrid asked as she reemerged from behind the curtain.

"Man! I'll say!" Donald the Director enthused.

"We'll make do!" Debbie quipped and grinned at her.

"Okay, then! Let's get to work, shall we?" Donald urged the ladies as he readied his camera.

"First let's get you decently clad, Ingrid!" Debbie said as she helped the latest star in a Horrific Productions feature don a sheer white robe
while she, in the role of the head of the Witches' Coven was appropriately garbed in black.

"What are my lines?" Ingrid queried her mentor.

"This isn't a speaking role exactly," was the reply.
"Just say whatever comes to mind and don't worry about it ...
Sound is separately recorded and will be resequenced and mixed with voice-overs where and if they are needed ..."

"The camera's rolling!" Donald reminded them. "So let's have some Action!

"Did you get that table all dusted like I asked, Donald?
We wouldn't to see our star get all smeared with dirt, now would we?" Debbie admonished the camera-man.

"That's why I covered it with that blanket!
Just to be on the safe side!
We want Ingrid to make herself comfortable, after all!" Was the bantering response.

"Gosh!" Ingrid said as she looked down at the knife laying on the table,
"That sure doesn't look anything like the weapon that Donald demonstrated earlier!"

"Now you just settle back, relax, and make yourself comfortable, Ingrid ..." Debbie directed her co-star.

"You needn't be worried about this knife, Ingrid!" Debbie assured her.
This weapon is only for the benefit of the camera and, of course the viewing audience!
I'll make a switch off-camera during the course of the action!
You can be quite certain of that ... Never fear!"

"Good Golly!" Ingrid thought. "What have I let myself in for this time?"

"Ooooh! But I don't like the looks of that knife!"

"It's not a real knife! It can't be!"

"But Debbie said it was real!"

"But it's only to fool the audience!"

"My mother told me that I'd have days like this!
I don't know whether I should be in a sacrificial scene ...
After all, I'm not a virgin!
Now I've just got to try to relax!
This will all be over before I know it!
But Lord! I hope Debbie remembers to switch that knife!"

"Ah ... And here you are all nicely arched," Debbie thought as she admired the girl who would be her latest victim!

"It never ceases to amaze me how eager these girls are to suffer a blade!"

The 'witch' delivered a deft stroke of her knife to Ingrid's lower abdomen ...

"You lied to me!" Ingrid managed to gasp as the 'witch' proceeded to rock the knife's blade deep in her victim's gut.

"How else was I to get your cooperation?" Debbie asked as Ingrid literally arched clear of the table.

"Hold it! Hold that pose!" Came from behind the camera.

"How the Hell do you expect her to hold a pose?" The 'witch' snarled.
"Not when she's arched half way through the middle of next week!"

"It's those nipples!" The director behind-the-camera exclaimed.
"Man alive! Did you pluck them up for her, or what?"

"I did not!" Came the indignant reply.

"You wanted her to Act Naturally, I remember you saying ...
So there you are!"
Just as natural as she can be!"

Ingrid's body continued to arch and heave convulsively as the 'witch' went through some abra cadabra motions.
She was both stalling for time and eyeing the location for the next thrust of her knife ...

The thrust was not long in coming for in the next moment, the knife came plunging down to be buried in the victim's navel ...

Ingrid filled the room with her agonized cries ...

"She screams rather well, doesn't she?" The 'witch' advanced an opinion.

"Yes! And surprizingly enough ... The acoustics in here are excellent!" The Director agreed.

"You'd do well to get as much of the shrieking as you need recorded now ..." The 'witch' advised ...

"... 'Cuz when I give it to 'em in the chest, they don't often have much left to give us ..."

"... Other than perhaps a few grunts and gurgles!" Said the 'witch' as she sheathed her knife in Ingrid's chest ...

"What a splendid victim is our Ingrid!" The Director was nearly 'beside himself', as the expression goes.

"Just look at the way she quite literally gives herself to your knife!"

"Yes ...", The 'witch admitted dryly ..."

"Having little in the way of superfluous chest meat ..."

"... She makes full use of her rib cage, doesn't she?"

"Now that is a bunch of sour grapes if I ever heard it!" Issued from behind the camera.

"Just look at that will you?
How on earth can she arch like that?
Is she double-jointed or something?"

"I'm telling you, Debbie!
This woman could make a career as a Scream Queen!"

"Why I could be the next Wes Craven and Quentin Tarantino rolled into one!."

"All that may have been had we not opted to kill her, Donald!" The 'witch' reminded her mildly overwrought partner.
"But as things stand ... I'm going to put and end to all this idle speculation once and for all!"

And for the last time the knife hurtled downward ...
... As with practiced skill the 'witch' buried it to the hilt in the left breast of her sacrificial victim.

"I can't believe it! You've destroyed her nipple!" Now the director appeared truly beside himself.

"Couldn't be helped, Donald!
And besides ...
The script called for it!"

A few days later we again find the agent in his office where he is opening his mail.

"Ah! The check from Horrific Productions has arrived on time, I see!
Those people have never been late and their checks are always good!"

But he did wonder upon occasion what became of all the would-be starlets he sent there way ...
Ah, well! No matter! There'll always be another girl who wants to make her way in pictures!
And with that, Abe the Agent carefully extinguished his cigar, closed his office door,
and went out for an extended lunch cheerfully humming a few snatches of an old tune that kept running through his head:

We're gonna put her in the movies,
We're gonna make a big star out of she!
She'll play a part and she won't need rehearsing,
'Cause all she gotta do is
Act Naturally!

(Editorial Note: "Act Naturally" was written in 1963 by Vonie Morrison and Johnny Russell / popularized by Buck Owens and Ringo Starr of the Beatles)

The following gallery is not composed of "outtakes" but "extras". Thrill Killer does not "skimp" when he is making vidcaps.
I made use of the ones I thought best fit the situation, but 't'would be a shame to waste the others, so here they are!
And believe me, it's hard to know which images of Ingrid to choose from!
There may be a few 'duplicates' - pictures that appeared in the 'phototale'.
That's because Thrill Killer sent me some 'samples' earlier to whet my appetite and I kept each and every one.
Even so you won't be wasting your time looking through this Gallery ...
Click on an image for the original version of the picture - then use the "back" button to return to this Gallery page.