Buck's Photo Tales


Written by Uncle Buck

I do not know who may have shot this photoset.
I found it some time ago on one or another of the Yahoo Groups before they "cleaned up their act"
and purged everything that anyone would care to see.
If anyone wants to claim "credit" for them,
I will be more than happy to provide access to their site if they let me know ...

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Well!? Here I am!!"
The hefty blonde girl announced as she strode into the room.
"Which is more than I can say for you, Jenny!"

"Now ... Where the hell is she, anyway?
Come out!
Come out, from whereever you are!
So there you are!
For a while there, I thought you'd do the only sensible thing and not show up!"

"Are you kidding?
Why, Ms Thick Chick,
I wouldn't miss our little encounter for the world!

"I'll try to break this to you as gently as I can, Jenny!
But a p'or skinny li'l misbegotten tyke the likes of you doesn't stand a chance against the likes of me!"

"Why ...
I must have at least a twenty pound advantage on you!"

"Weight and even arm-strength are no match for my unrivalled skill and ability, my fat friend!"

Jenny easily fended off the assault of her obviously heavier and admittedly stronger opponent.
At the same time she realized that she could not hope to stand long against Sally's somewhat less than adept attempts to disarm her.

Jenny slid her blade free of the swipe that Sally took at her.
She dropped to one knee,
and as Sally's blade swung harmlessly away,
Jenny positioned her own sword for a thrust into her opponent's yawning navel!

"What the Hell do you think you're doing, Jenny?!"
Sally expostulated in protest.
"I thought this little contest of ours was supposed to be fun!"

"Fun, Sally?
And do you mean to say that this isn't?"

"Why, this is the most fun I've had in years!
Your navel and this big belly were just made for stabbing!"

And as if to add emphasis to her remarks,
Jenny pushed her blade just a bit more deeply into Sally's belly ... "You may just as well concede defeat and drop your sword, Sally!"
Jenny admonished her victim who was now well impaled by Jenny's own weapon.

Sally had not yet been convinced to drop her weapon
and Jenny responded to this
by thrusting her own blade just a bit more deeply into the blonde woman's lower digestive tract ...

Sally clapped a palm to her belly as even now she braced her feet and stood her ground ...
at the same time doing her best to pull away from Jenny's intrusive blade ...

Now the big blonde wailed in protest as she grasped the protruding sword
in her desperate attempt to pull it from her belly ...

Sally still managed to maintain her hold upon her own weapon.
But Jenny, sensing that she no longer had anything to fear at the hand of her mortally wounded opponent,
released the grip she had on her sword and watched as Sally staggered back ...

Sally sank to her knees still loath to relinquish her hold upon her own sword.
It appeared to Jenny that her blonde opponent clung to her weapon even as she continued to cling to life itself ...

But the suddenly Sally fell to the floor;
her sword at last falling away unheeded to lay at her side ...

The Amazonic blonde arched her torso and her chest heaved magnificently ...

"Way to go, Gurl!"
Jenny found herself shouting her enthusiasm in admiration almost in spite of herself ...


Sally was definitely fading.
But even now she wasn't fading fast.
Belly wounds were a slow, torturous death.
And with a woman of her depth, breadth and girth,
who rightly knew how long she would have to suffer?

And so Sally voiced no real objection when Jenny knelt at her side,
and offered to take the situation in hand ...

"Oh, God!
That hurts so much!"
Sally protested as Jenny gripped the sword.

"Now don't fight me!
I'm trying to do you a favor here!"

Her first thought had been to pull the blade and then to stab the dying woman in the chest.
But then Jenny saw that Sally was far gone that she needn't go to the effort.

And so she simply ran the blade in and out of the original wound ...
And so for all her struggle,
death at last came to Sally with hardly more than an almost inaudible gurgle ...

As Jenny triumphed over her vanquished opponent, she was tempted to rise,
and place her foot on the dead woman's chest in celebration of her victory.
But she refrained from doing so ...

Next week Jenny and Sally would meet again ...
And next time it would be the big blonde's turn to win ...
And Jenny didn't want to give Sally any ideas!
Nor for her to harbor a grudge!