Buck's Photo Tales

Flight at 9 AM

Written by Uncle Buck

Tasha Welsh was one of my favorite models ...
And I think that she went out of her way to prove it in this particular photo set!

And by the way, if any of you happen to have photo sets of Tasha in your collection,
would you please pass them along to your Uncle Buck? Thanks!

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The clock on her nightstand read 3:45 AM.
The mechanism had no more than issued the loud click that it always made
just before the alarm sounded when Tasha arose, turned it off, and was on her way to the shower.

The spray of hot water hitting her chest felt good, and Tasha knew without feeling for them
that her nipples were standing stiffly at attention.
She was tempted to pluck them for good measure - but she didn't want to get herself started!
She had no time for fooling around!
Not this morning, at any rate!

Her plane ticket was in an envelope on the table in the kitchen where she could be sure to find it on her way out the door!
International flights required a two-hour check-in time, the flight was scheduled to depart at 9:00 AM.
That meant that she should be at the terminal at 7:00, and it took better than two hours to get there!

Tasha had chased her boyfriend away early last night and she hoped that he wasn't too put out by it ...
But if he was, then who knew what she might come up with on her all-expense-paid vacation to Monte Carlo?!

At 3:55 AM a lone figure was making its way along the darkened sidewalk, trying the outer doors of each apartment in the complex.
She had been rewarded with no great success in her nocturnal ventures so far ...
But then, she couldn't say that she rightly knew just what it was that she had in mind to do even on those rare occasions
when she discovered a door that someone had failed to lock securely when retiring for the evening.

But here was a door that had been left ajar and so opened at her touch!
Looking about her quickly she stepped inside ...

Almost immediately, she noticed the envelope on the kitchen table ...
What could be inside?
Was it a pay envelope containing an uncashed check, perhaps?
But no.
It was what appeared at a quick glance to be an airplane ticket!
She filed it quickly away for future reference.

There didn't seem to be anyone at home - which was just as she had hoped!
But just to be on the safe side, she slipped a survival knife from the sheath at her belt to have it poised and ready
as she moved out of the kitchen and into the short hallway that lead toward where she presumed the bedroom was located.

Only moments before, Tasha, having completed her shower had turned the water off.

She was about to step out of the shower stall when a figure loomed before her suddenly, brandishing a huge knife!
Quite understandably, Tasha panicked.

"Who are you?!
How did you get in here?!
Get out!
Get out!
I'll scream!

It may have been because the woman screamed?
That must have been the reason!
All that she had intended to do was to slip in and have a quiet look around!
She hadn't gone inside with an actual intent to kill any one or any thing!

But she had been holding the knife ...
And because the girl had screamed the way she did, what chice did she have but to shut her up?!
And so in the next moment, the knife, which had been raised only tentatively, was plunging its way downward ...
And then, almost as if it were by accident - as if it had a mind of its own -
the tip of the blade had bitten into the soft flesh of the girl's shoulder before gaining entrance to her full breast.

The assailant was rewarded by a generous spurt of her victim's blood at which she stared at first
as though she were momentarily transfixed by the sight!
She could have just as easily withdrawn the knife then and there without inflicting further damage ...

But the woman's bellow of protest as the blade thrust into her -
coupled with the sight of her turgid nipples was more than her assailant could easily resist!
As the blood from the wound streamed over the curvature of her breast ...

Tasha's protests appeared to subside ...
As though she were winded, or perhaps she was already reconciled to the prospects of her imminent death ...

"My God! What have I done?" The assailant thought.

Both she and her victim seemed to be thinking along much the same lines as the killer moved to slip the blade from Tasha's breast ...
The assailant paused in freeing her blade ...

And Tasha clasped a hand to her breast in an effort to relieve her torment ...
And then suddenly, the knife slipped free ...

And Tasha had a moment to examine her wound -
while her assailant found herself wondering what to do next!
Should she simply turn tail and run?
That was her first inclination ...

But what if her victim should survive this attack?
As in now seemed evident that she might!
She would undoubedly be able to identify her attacker!
She coundn't take that chance!

And so a second thrust of the deadly weapon was directed at Tasha's belly!
And so now, having decided, and with little or nothing in the way of remorse ...

The killer moved to thrust the heavy blade into Tasha's navel ...
Tasha gagged in response as the steel invaded her belly ...

Finding herself getting into the spirit of the thing, the killer ran her knife in to the hilt -
where she proceeded to rock the blade slightly as it carved it's way into the woman's guts ...
There are those among us who seem to be of the opinion that it takes little more than the prick of a pin
and a woman will accomodate you by falling dead at your feet ...

In point of fact, nothing could be further from the truth ...
And so, Tasha was to withstand at least seven thrusts of the blade to her belly ...
Seven thrusts of the knife deep in her gut!
And with each thrust, Tasha continued to grunt as her splendid bosom heaved in protest!

It was almost reluctantly that her assailant finally allowed Tasha to slip down the wall of her shower
where her lifeless corpse lay bleeding at the killer's feet.

After cleaning herself quickly and efficiently at the bathroom sink,
the murderer looked again at the airline ticket she had taken fron the litchen table ...

"A 9:00 o'clock flight!"
She had ample time to make it ...
And the weather ought to be lovely around Monte Carlo this time of year!