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Mayra has posted a number of photos to promote her Sexy Latin Amazons web site.
I did my own version of web crawling by making use of the Search function at the Dead Skirts Message Board
and saving some of the photos posted there to build this Gallery on the "SLA" page here on the "Blog".
Now that I started, I will continue to snoop around the internet "images" to see if I can recognize a few more ...

Click for the latest additions to Mayra's Gallery

I have received a rather distressed and distressing email from Mayra ...
I will have you know that I enjoy the sight of a "topless" woman and the idle speculation that accompanies it.
But I am sorry to say, because of the missuse of these photos, you will see no more of them on this SLA Gallery. Sorry I am, but that's how it is.

And here are photos from work that Mayra and her team have been working on recently ...

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