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Olaf Winter has been more than generous in publishing hundreds - if not upward of a thousand pictures as he publicizes his video productions.
This was true to the extent that I misconstrued things in that I thought that he perhaps didn't care how many of his pictures I put to use.
That may or may not be true but what I did - and must refrain from doing in the future - is to take too many pictures from any single source.

The Amazon Warrior photo stories are gone and my intention now is to expand upon the "Olaf's Messages" page
using material that has been published previously here and elsewhere.
Will it be redundant? Yes. But that's what "publicity" is all about, is it not?

Since there is to be somewhat more "content" in this gallery than in "Olaf's Messages", I decided to subdivide the posters into major categories.
There will be a bit more in the way of "clicking" than in the original "blog" but it makes it easier to find what interests you - or at least I hope that it does.
And the original "Olaf's Messages" have survived intact and will be updated regularly as they provide the source for this "Archive".
They may be accessed by clicking on the girl holding the bulletin board toward the foot of this page.

And now for the inevitable "Disclaimer"
In that the "Archive" uses Olaf's posted messages as the soure, they are in no way a complete listing of the material produced by Pontus Media.
They are provided to house some of the free material that Olaf Winter has provided and are "archived" as both a convenience as well as an inducement to make a purchase.
But in no way is the Amazon Message Archive a substitute for browsing the Amazon_Warriors family of sites.

Olaf posts videos faster than I can afford to purchase them and sometimes items I would like tend to get "lost in the shuffle" in the "Messages" Page.
Hence this Archive ... It makes it easier for me to return to "pinpoint" a video I want but had to let pass at the time it was posted.
The titles are grouped by "special interest" and listed more or less alphabetically and clicking a title will open a page with Olaf's message.

The Extras are what are ready in this release and will serve to get our feet wet. (Do they call that a "Beta Test?"

As an example: You've finally completed your "Rec Room" and you'd like something to decorate the walls appropriately ...
Olaf has made some Wallpapers available from time to time if only you could find them!
Aha! (The light dawns!) Come to this Archive Index and press the little news-boy hollering Extra!
Scroll down the Extra (Message) Index to June 10th of 2014, click on that date - and there you have it!
So now you see why I am wearing my fingers down to the second knuckle building this Amazon Message Archive ... I hope it helps!
And if I have to tell you what the girl at the foot of the pages is for, then you'd better take a break 'cuz you've been at the 'puter too long ...
Now get "clicking"!