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Download Link for Catalog of Preview Images

For those of you who don't care to take the time to click your way through either "The Whole Enchilda"
or any of the other sections here on the Amazon Archive,
Olaf has put together a ZIP file that provides the poster image from each of his productions.

I have trapped the link here so that it will not get lost in the shuffle as it might otherwise.
This is the link only the content if which should update as Olaf makes additions to the file which remains resident on his site.
In other words, I don't want to lose the link but I won't be updating the files.
The link is "live" so that no "cutting and pasting" is required.
And it works! So now you have a choice. Have at it an enjoy yourself!

Now I'll include Olaf's original message which may make a good deal more sense as I tend to get wrapped up in my underwear at times ...

Dear friends of my work!

I've just uploaded a ZIP file containing the preview images of all our nearly 650 productions - movies and photosets - from the beginning to the latest.

The older ones still show the "purchase order numbers", but these do not work for search function on my site. Just search by title!

If you don't find a title that you are interested in, just drop me a note and I will send you the link!


And here´s the link:


Have fun!

Olaf & Team

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