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Tresspassers Will Be Shot

Post by Olaf ยป Tue Nov 03, 2020

This is the very first custom movie with KATAYA!
Our customer requested her to get shot in her belly several times, and then finished off by 2 well aimed shots in her breasts.
And she really loved to fulfill these requests!

The video has 2 segments:
In her dream she gets killed by arrows, and after she wakes up she gets shot by bullets.

Sweet Kataya is out in the woods reading a book about the Amazons. After a while she gets tired and falls asleep. She dreams of being a brave Amazon wearing a leather bra and loincloth. Suddenly she is hit by an arrow in her stomach! More arrows will be fired into her body one after the other ... 4 in her stomach and 2 in her breasts. The last arrow finally kills her and she falls back and dies ... She wakes up to find it was just a cruel dream. But she feels uncomfortable being alone in the forest and walks away - while doing so she overlooks a sign that says

Producer: TITANEIA customs Time: 11:32 Full HD NOV 2020

Starring: KATAYA

Keywords: modern, amazons, arrows, shooting, belly, breast, jeans, leather, blood, bare feet

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Have Fun!

Olaf & Team

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