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Post by Olaf * Tue Mar 30, 2021 2:07 pm

Hitwoman Kataya is preparing for her next job.
She is relaxed and polishes each bullet before she carefully puts them into her Magnum357...
But another killer is also close at hand, and his job is to kill the sexy hitwoman...

Kataya and I had a lot of fun doing this shoot, so we're thinking about turning it into a little series!
Of course we're curious about how YOU, folks, would like to see the Hitman killing the Hitwoman in the next episode!
Or maybe SHE will kill HIM???
Let us know what you think!

Producer: MODERN AMAZONS Time: 08:02 Full HD MAR 2021


Keywords: modern, killer, strangling, stabbing, belly, back, hand to hand fight, sexy, leggings, boots, higheels, blood

Link to Olaf's Trailer: "Hitman vs Hitwoman - Silent Kill"

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Have Fun!

Olaf & Team

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