Buck's Phototales
A Tribute to Miosotis Claribel

"A Gunslinger's Delight"

I've put together this sampling of images from the internet.
It's posted here because unless I am mistaken, leklen has posted a few modified images of this woman and,
if it is he who been doing the photo manipulations then I should like to have him try his hand at doing a few more.

On the first look at Miosotis, one cannot help but feel somewhat overwhelmed at the sight (and size) of her bosom.

There is of course, more than adequate reason for that as these pictures will demonstrate.

But looking beyond that (if you can), you will see that Miosotis has a way of appearing to offer herself to the camera ...

This offering, if you will, seems to lend itself to our never-ending quest for victims of out fantasies.

I imagine that I can almost hear the solid thump of the bullets as they punch into her magnificent bosom.

I will leave you now to peruse the rest of this collection with no further interference from me .... But just imagine ...

I wish I had more but for now these are the images that best serve my needs and wants.
And it seems to me that how Miosotis interprets eroticism fits nicely into our scheme of things.
Other models strike poses on occasion that fit the bill, but this woman manages to do it very consistently.

There are any number of web sites with pictures of Miosotis, but here are two that are dedicated to her exclusively.

The Real Miosotis

Miosotis Claribel