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Lynn M. McCrossin

Fallen Amazons - RIP


Lynn McCrossin (1958 - 2015)
Cause of Death: Cancer

Nationals - NPC, LightWeight, 8th
New England Championships - NPC, Winner

Nationals - NPC, LightWeight, 8th
USA Championships - NPC, LightWeight, 11th

In Memory of Lynn McCrossin by Bodybuilder Lori Braun June 18, 2015

We have just learned of the passing of long time competitor, Lynn McCrossin.
Lynn was born June 15, 1958 in Caribou, ME, a small city in the northwest corner of Maine.
Lynn began bodybuilding in the early 80ís and competed in several AAU shows, before making the switch to the NPC.
A top finisher at all her shows, Lynn left the stage to pursue other avenues with her amazing physique.

AAU 1984 Ms.Old Orchard Beach Overall
AAU 1985 Ms.Maine 2nd place lightweight
AAU 1985 Ms.Northern New England Overall
AAU 1985 Ms.East Coast 1st Place lightweight
AAU 1985 Ms.North East Overall
AAU 1985 Maine Muscle Classic Overall
AAU 1985 Ms.North America 1st Place Lightweight
NPC 1986 New Englandís 2nd place lightweight
NPC 1986 South Jersey 3rd place lightweight
NPC 1994 Ms.Maine 2nd Place lightweight
NPC 1995 Ms.Old Orchard Beach 2nd place lightweight
NPC 1997 Ms.Maine Overall
NPC 1997 Ms.New England Overall
NPC 1997 Nationals 8th Place lightweight
NPC 1998 USA 11th Lightweight
NPC 1998 Nationals 8th place lightweight

Lynn was a very caring person and spent many of her years in the Mental Health Field as a substance abuse counselor,
therapeutic recreational specialist, crisis intervention and also child development for emotionally disturbed children.
Lynn also gave her support to others as a personal trainer and helped many to change their lives with a new outlook and a commitment to living healthy.

Though we havenít seen much of Lynn the past few years, she will be remembered for all her contributions to others and her competitive nature and spirit.
Thank you Lynn for the memories.

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Sadly, this lady recently passed away way too soon: Lynn McCrossin!
Lynn seemed to have the eternal youth, both physically as well as mentally.
Lynn just kept on being even more beautiful each time you saw her.
But some diseases canít be overcome, not even by the strongest people.
Lynn was the ultimate Muscle Goddess in every way.
A beautiful body, beautiful looks, super sexy and her personality was at least as impressive as her physique.
This lady treated her fans with great respect and was ďjustĒ an amazing person in every way.
Lynn, you will be missed! A lot!

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