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Killing Kataya is at the OnlyFans Site

Photo Credit
Sexy Amazons Model Page

Killing Kataya @ Instagram

Katayas' Announcement Comes to Us From Tostig's
Amazon Warriors Fans Message Board
(Mon Feb 08, 2021 12:07 pm)

And we will all want to "stay tuned" for Kataya's video "The Knife" when it is released on

Google Drive: Kataya's "The Knife"

Kataya has come to us by way of Olaf Winter's Amazon-Warriors and I have "borrowed" two of the video previews on the Amazon Archive here at the Blog. Kataya is relatively new to the Amazon Warrior Team and although producers persist in calling the women "Models" there is in fact a great deal of acting involved. For this reason, Olaf will usually cast his newest warrior in the role of the "killer" of the piece, leaving the part(s) of the dying victim(s) to his more experienced members of the cast. I make mention of this only to point out that Kataya may have been cast as the "shooter" in "Shooter Game" - but in almost the same breath - and certainly the same video - she nailed down the role of the victim. Now then, does this young lady perhaps share in some part of this fantasy with us? I'll leave it to you to form your own opinions ...

"The Beseige - Day 3 * Part 1"


"A Gift for the Gods - Part 2"

"Can't Wait to Die"

"A Gift For the Gods - Part 1"

"Shooter Game" Promotion at the Archive

"Shooter Game" Trailer at Olaf's Sexy Amazons

"Trespassers Will Be Shot" Promotion at the Archive

"Trespassers Will Be Shot" Trailer at Olaf's Sexy Amazons

February 11

Kataya sent me an update to her upcoming video, "The Knife" ...
And for starters here are six screen shots to whet your appetite while Kataya whets her blade ...

And in addition, she included two more teasing trailer segments from her video ...
And since I didn't find them on the Google-Drive,
I took the liberty of joining the three segments,
which you can see here ...

Three trailer segments from Kataya's soon to be released video, "The Knife"

February 14

As her promise foretold, Kataya's first video has been released and is available at her shop at Gumroad.
The price posted is in Euros, and Kataya's video will soon appear on Olaf's site. When it does a link will be included here.

Kataya's Shop at Gumroad

We certainly hope that there will be more coming soon!

I invite you to join Kataya at OnlyFans and enjoy her work!

And Kataya? With any luck at all ...

We'll See You In The Movies!

Uncle Buck

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