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Necrobabe Redux Sampler

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I don't imagine that there is anyone who shares our interest that is unaware that Joe S. has made his collections of photos available free to anyone and everyone who cares to access them. Joe has found a home away from home at the Fetnoir site and access to the areas where he may be found are available at his Depository so I have no need to repeat them here as it has been done for me. That being the case, I may as well get right to it ...

The galleries posted here will be as the title states, a sampler or a mere "drop in the bucket" if you will as Joe must have made literally thousands of pictures available to us.

Necrobabes, and I'm guessing here, was a somewhat loose organization of independent photographers who had "sub-sites" of therir own under the Necrobabe "umbrella". They were "member sites" in that there was a monthly fee which granted the member access to the material retained on the site. The arrangement is somewhat akin to what the Netflix organization has in operation today for at least a portion of their offerings. I will make some attempt to identify the several producers when I can but this will be guesswork on my part so there will be mistakes aplenty.

"Zoee On the Cross"
Zoee and Luna were two of my favorites among Peter's Catharsis models
and here we are treated to the sight of them both in the same set ...

Consensual? My foot! Peter finds Sha to be most Uncooperative!

Sha makes ready to immerse herself in a nice hot, relaxing bath ...
When all of a sudden, a maniacal Luna appears brandishing a knife!

Kasey wants a snack and so gets into some leftovers that don't agree with her in any way

"Break Down"
Don and his accomplice murder Mandy when she stops by asking to use a telephone

Kasey and Desiree go at one another in one serious "catfight"