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This sexy sword-and-sorcery film from Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures was filmed on location in Argentina
by a primarily South American crew. The plot concerns the efforts of Amazon queen Dyala (Ty Randolph)
to secure a magic sword in order to defeat the evil sorcerer Kalungo (Joseph Whipp).
Dyala sends two of her busty warriors, Tashi and Tashinge (Penelope Reed and Danitza Kingsley)
to retrieve the sword, and the usual shenanigans ensue, albeit with more nudity and sexual activity than usual.

The above synopsis was lifed from Rotten Tomatoes and from what I could gather the reviewer rather liked
the flick. This was the only really good scene as far as I am concerned but there was fighting aplenty
for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

Amazons (full movie on-line)

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