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The Last Days of American Crime

This movie is a Netflix 'Original' which probably means that there is no where else where it can be found.
If anyone has a way of capturing anything other than the screen 'snips' that I have here, then a clip can be made. Otherwise it's not an entirely poor way to spend the better part of two hours watching it. The picture is rather slow moving as the plot is not complex. But I think that the director had it done this way in an effort to enhance the shock value of the violence when it occurs. The only scene that may be of some interest to any of us is the one summarized below and it occurs at approximately 1:13:00 into the film. The director does not believe it what I call 'throw away killing'. You know ... There's a gunshot - or whatever - and it's over and done in a flash. Not this fellow. Nor does his camera 'gloat' to the point where the scene becomes farcial. It's not for those who prefer 'gunfun', so gird thy loins as the expression goes, and have a look ...

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1 / 10
Excuse the language ... Maybe next time I'll remember to turn of the 'closed captions' before 'snipping' the screen ... But I'll not promise.
2 / 10
Bricke's whacko psychotic partner barges into his gangster father's opulent home. There is no love lost between the members of this dysfunctional family, but I'll not spoil things for you other than this scene.
3 / 10
The father is killed and all Hell breaks loose. The babe is the partner's sister and she has just had the very bad luck of missing the pot-shot she took at her brother. (I told you there was no love lost, didn't I?)
4 / 10
Her brother retaliates and his slug hits her directly amid ships ... Neither a gut shot - which would probably have hit lower - nor a chest shot which would have knocked her over backward - but very effective.
5 / 10
She has but a moment to access the damage done to her - which is substantial ...
6 / 10
And her knees buckle and she sinks to the floor ...
7 / 10
At this point her remaining strength is quickly ebbing ...
8 / 10
You can see there are no screen captions so there are no last words although she does manage to give her brother one of those 'How could you?' looks.
9 / 10
Bricke suggested to his partner that they get the hell out of there ...
10 / 10
And so they did just that ...

Have Fun!