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These pictures are very special. Not only do we have a beautiful woman posing for us - but she is doing it not for personal gain
but purely for enjoyment and personal satisfaction. The definition of an "amateur" is not that a thing is done poorly
but that a thing is done purely for the love of doing it.
Paola's Gallery is a departure from the others in that Paola Picked the Pictures ...
Which is not to say that I wouldn't have selected these images myself.
But Ms Paola sent this entire set of twenty images to me by way of email and since she went to that much time and effort,
it would seem that the least I could do is to present them to you.
Feel free to send me as many more as you'd like, Paola, and rest assured that I will add them to this collection!
Paola is a very special person as you can plainly see ... From me to you - Thank You, Paola!