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Tom Gunn gives us the low down on Black Nylons Films in these two articles:

The Private Collection

Custom Pricing

Black Nylons Films has opened a shop at GumRoad.com

Or if you prefer there is the market at Dead Sexy Clips..!

For details of the Private Collection and direct access drop me a note at the Email Address above.

The following material has been "harvested" from the material that Tommy Gun of Black Nylons Films has posted to the
Gumroad Video Sales Site.

    New For March 2021

    Apr 28th Belly Bullseyes
    Mar 31st A Quiet Afternoon
    Mar 29th Tender Prey
    Mar 29th Tender Prey 2

    Please note that both "Tender Prey" and "Tender Prey 2" are available at a special low package price!

    Mar 9th Counterfeiters


  1. A Bullet For My Sister
  2. A Dirty Slut
  3. A Leisurely Bath
  4. A Model Murder
  5. A Quiet Afternoon
  6. A Slow Death
  7. A Woman Possessed
  8. Access Code
  9. Arrows of Pleasure


  10. Belly Bullseyes
  11. Belly Buttons
  12. Betrayal
  13. Busy Office


  14. Call Girl Massacre
  15. Cheerleader Jihad
  16. Coming Home
  17. Counterfeiters
  18. Cover Girl
  19. Cyber Crime


  20. Deadly Politics
  21. Dead Shots


  22. 8 Bullets for Jasmine


  23. Friends, Lovers, or Dead


  24. Girls in Prison


  25. He's Playing You
  26. The Heist
  27. Her Last Puff
  28. The Houston Story


  29. I, The Jury
  30. I Want Them Dead
  31. Ice Pick Killer
  32. Identity Theft
  33. Invasion of the Belly Stabber


  34. Jealous Bitch


  35. Killing Pet


  36. Lady in the Lake
  37. Lady Scarface's Last Stand
  38. The Long Slide Down


  39. Marked for Murder
  40. Murder Book 1
  41. Murder Book 2


  42. Nightmare? Not!
  43. No Witnesses


  44. Oh, No ...
  45. On Her Own
  46. Once Upon a Time
  47. Operation Crossbow


  48. Party Gone Wrong
  49. Pitchfork In My Belly
  50. Pitchfork Killer


  51. Quick Draw Poker


  52. Rising From the Dead
  53. The Roommates


  54. Safe House
  55. Saloon Shootout Fun
  56. Screen Test
  57. Shooting Jasmine
  58. Shower Kill
  59. Slide It In Slowly
  60. Soft White Turtleneck 2
  61. Space Agent Arcturus
  62. Spy Night 1
  63. Spy Night 2
  64. Strip Pool
  65. Surprised


  66. T-Men
  67. Tender Prey
  68. Tender Prey 2
  69. Trapped
  70. Treacherous Secretary
  71. Treacherous Secretary 2
  72. Two'Fer






  73. You Can't Seduce Me
  74. You Talked


Tommy Gunn has provided us with an Index to his Catalogue.
If the latest version is what you want
then it might best be to go to Gumroad and part with $1.
This is a PDF file so it can't give you access to anything
but it provides a quick reference for those of us
who can't quite remember the title of a particular flick!
Is that your thrumb print on the label?

Here we have an abbreviated version of the Catalogue

The Full Blacknylons Catalogue

And for those of us who like to specialize a bit Tommy Gun offers a selection of Arrow Stories

Until recently there was an index page for every video in the Black Nylons Catalogue.
However, preview material other than what you'll find in the Catalogue is not always available as yet ...
Clicking on a
light blue title will yield preview pictures and perhaps a video teaser ...
Clicking on a
pink title will yield ... Well, go ahead and see what you get!

1507 Counterfeiters

1510 Kat's Money

0802 Crossbow Incident

1205 Hunt ~ Tirzza

1216 Arrows For Hikers

1215 Invasion of the Bellystabber

1213 Naked and Dead

1511 Belly Buttons

1608b Danger of Envy - Part 2

1209 Cheerleader Jihad

1504 Killing Pet

1003 Gameshow 2

1518 Sweet and Tender

1201 Raid On Whiskey Gulch

1703 Lovers Shot

1702 Jimmy's Girl

1701 Soft White Turtleneck

1615 Leisurely Bath

1611 I Want Them Dead

1608a Danger of Envy - Part 1

1603 Revenge Served Red

1513 Executive Secretary

1214 I'd Love To Kill You

1521 Cathouse Shootout

1516 My Wife's Away

1515 The Madam

1512 Strip Pool

1106 Houston Story

1104 The City That Never Sleeps

1519 Stepford Wives

Dream Girls

Turnabout Is Fair Play

An Inside Job

Millican's Marauders

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