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Written by Annalisa

Once in the warm water, with her ritual ablutions well underway, Rossella tried to isolate herself completely. The hands of the handmaids who washed her were gentle caresses on her skin. Rossella thought of how everything had suddenly changed in her nineteen year old life in the past six months, since her name had been extracted for the day of the Tribute.

But she would never have thought that the gods would have chosen her, the daughter of a migrant, even though they were amongst the most ardent believers.

Her family, however, had immediately said that they were proud of her and gave her all the necessary support. The same clerics who had "trained" her harder and harder over the last few months had always treated her with the highest regard, trying to put her at ease and to let her get through the ritual as well as possible.

She was allowed to stay on social media until practically a week before the ceremony. Rossella had thus maintained contact with her entire circle even after she had been removed from school as a protocol. On one of her favorite social networks, Rossella had answered many questions that her internet acquaintances had asked her: how she felt and how she felt during this period. She had always been sincere, had admitted to being afraid, some days to be completely terrified, but to be proud of herself and to have now accepted the role that the Gods had designed for her. Some users even went so far as to ask her if she believed she would suffer and she replied that she imagined it would be like that, seeing how the ritual would take place, but also to believe that everything she would do was necessary.

The six months had passed so quickly. A week before, when she had been forced to silence all the social networks to be able to better isolate and prepare herself spiritually, Rossella posted on all the social sites one of her photos in a sports top, in particular zooming on her belly and navel. This was to display the navel piercing, and her wish was that this would lend a blessing to everyone, even to those who could not be present at the ceremony and that because of this she had posted the photo, so that good fortune could reach as many people as possible.

The day before the ceremony Rossella finally had the opportunity to spend her last evening in the company of her family and her closest friends, in an atmosphere of great tranquility even if they began to see the anxiety on the young woman's face. Before leaving with everyone, Rossella allowed her navel to be touched, with the piercing removed and where the scar of the latter was still visible, since it was tradition that this would bring good luck.

The arrival of one of the priests, who announced that the moment had arrived, interrupted the flow of thoughts of Rossella. She still stiffened and with the rapidly growing tension was helped by her maids to get out of the tub. Then she was dried and greased for the first time, which gave its elegantly tanned skin a certain brilliance, particularly in the soft light of the lanterns.

She was then assissted in donning a light red thong - perfectly red and tied on the shoulders a long black coat, which left her torso completely uncovered. On her small but firm breasts the turgid nipples for tension and cold were clearly visible.

Immediately the volitional procession was formed, with Rossella positioning herself at the center. So at a word from the head clergyman the procession began to leave the vestibule and to cross the central nave of the temple.

Rossella took a deep breath, could not help but follow the flow of the procession. The temple was completely full and immediately all eyes were on her, admiring in particular her athletic body and her dignified posture. Rossella managed to head up the entire distance of the path, keeping her eyes fixed on the altar at the end of the aisle, where the priest was waiting, richly bearded, and a former classmate, perfect in her white maid's bikini.

The girl lost a bit of her composure when she passed the stalls where her family was sitting, with looks that were both proud and excited. With a little nod of nervousness, Rossella tried to tighten her cloak around her, particularly to cover her completely naked torso.

Arriving near the altar, the small procession broke up. The maids laid the minor offerings on the pyre set up in the fireplace immediately behind the altar, while Rossella, after a quick bow before the statue of the Goddess Cornelia, quickly reached the altar and the principal handmaid.

The handmaid undressed Rossella completely, pulling off her cloak and laying it on the altar behind them. Then taking Rossella by both hands to prevent the girl covering her private parts for modesty, she helped her to sit on the altar and then lie down on her back.

As soon as Rossella was in position, the handmaid tied her wrists and ankles firmly to the altar. The sense of impotence took possession of her and while trying to keep her gaze fixed on the richly frescoed ceiling, Rossella began to tremble visibly.

The handmaid then began to oil Rossella for the second time, focusing particularly on the belly area around her navel. At the same time the priest began to recite the sermon before everyone present.

He recalled how, at first superficial thought, it would be for everyone the best choice to accept Rossella's proof of faith, untie it and postpone it to his daily life. However, the Gods always go all the way to procuring good for men, so it was necessary to do this also to them.

Of how on some occasions, just like today, it was not enough to call themselves faithful but it was also necessary to demonstrate it actively. Today this would be possible thanks to Rossella and how in reality today would be a triumph of Life, a value that their sister in the faith had learned and that today was willing to give them.

Of how Rossella, for some daughter, friend or classmate - was today the instrument of faith for all, an instrument that they did not have to fear or hesitate to use, conscious of the approval that the Gods had given them.

The priest then closed the sermon, inviting everyone to close in prayer, taking advantage of this particular moment of closeness with the Gods that was possible thanks only to Rossella.

The maid then ended up oiling her friend and took out the ritual dagger from a chest placed under the altar itself. Then he unscrewed the blade, with the same oil used for Rossella, and handed it to the priest who had positioned himself beside Rossella.

The priest seized the knife with both hands and lifted it perfectly perpendicular to the girl's belly. He then began to recite the prayer of thanksgiving to the victim, a true prelude to the rite itself. Rossella almost involuntarily hardened her own abdominals, as if to ward off a blow, and bit her lip, to avoid screaming even before the blade touched her. Her beautiful flat, glossy belly rose and fell faster and faster to the rhythm of her labored breathing. While keeping her gaze fixed on the altar, from the corner of her eye she saw the sparkle of the dagger looming over her.

After finishing the last verses of the prayer, the priest violently stabbed Rossella precisely in her navel. Sensing the cold blade of the dagger inside her belly, Rossella inadvertently closed her eyes and let herself go to a loud moan, more of surprise and fear than of pain. Immediately the blood spurted from the wound, quickly filling its round, shallow navel and then running down on its abdominals.

The priest pushed on the knife so that the blade penetrated deep inside Rossella's belly. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth was open as if in a trance, still struggling to realize what was happening.

Then the priest slid the blade about half way out of her gut, this time tearing a loud cry of pain to the girl, and, beginning a new prayer and following the knife wound so evident on Rossella's beautiful toned belly, began to gut her. In a few seconds the pain became unbearable for the girl and her moans turned into desperate cries, which echoed in the temple covered the buzz of the prayers of those present.

Now with no more control, Rossella tries in vain to bow her body almost as if she wanted to steal her belly from the altar dagger. Yet bound as he was, she managed to rise only a few inches, but enough to get the blood out of her ruined navel.

The priest, without batting an eyelid, slowly continued to disembowel her as the Purification of those present and of the environment in which they depended on the girl's pain. Arriving at the breast, the priest stopped. Rossella was now examined, although strong and "trained", the loss of blood, pain and shock had by now prevailed. In a last glimpse of lucidity, she looked with a hazy look in the crowd, hoping to see the proud looks of her family.

With a gesture the priest had Rossella's head rested in position, and then drew the dagger from her body and with the same violence of the first blow, stabbed the girl to the chest, piercing her heart and giving her the coup de grace. With a last faint moan, Rossella breathed her last as her head fell to the side.

The principal maid closed her eyes and wiped her mouth from the stream of blood that had appeared which drew a spontaneous burst of applause from the audience. Rossella's body was untied and placed next to the other offerings, waiting for the pyre to light."