Buck's Phototales


I've received a reply to my request for audio files. And WOW! Did I get more than I had bargained for or not?!
No fewer than Five Emails each containing somewhere between thirty to forty audio (WAV) files each!
I shall be picking away at this for quite some time ...
And there's now no question but that I shall begin building an "Audio Repository" on the blog.
The individual who was kind enough to share his collection with me shall remain "nameless" at present
because the emails came to me using what I presume to be his Real Name rather than a pseudonym. (Is that how it's spelled, I wonder?)
So thank you once again, and if you wish to have a "Scream Credit" then pass along your "handle" to me and your name will "appear in lights!"
The photo is from "Drop Dead Grogeous" and Lissa reacts as a dagger is thrust beneath her rib cage!
How did she manage to play a featured role in this set and weild a camera at the same time, I wonder?
The sound is labeled "cry" and that is as in "cry out" rather than "crying" I guess.