Buck's Phototales

The Spears of Pluto

Written by Uncle Buck

Some years ago, Pluto was (and possibly is yet) working in the Poser figure medium.
He was quite a vocal fan of and a major contributor to the Amazons! site when Becky, Carrie, Zoee, Nikita, Victoria, Sha,
as well as a fair number of others were kicking up their heels in one Amazonic episode after another on their member site.
Pluto seemed to 'disappear' when Becky gave up her Victrix operation and so I have no current site to give you.
The link will yield access to "The Temple of Artemis" which has made its way to the collections of the Progressive Art Project.
In this photoset, Pluto augmented the attack that the "real live" women
were making upon the temple with numbers of his Poser Amazons.
But in "The Spears of Pluto", it is to the Poser artist, and of course to his "Amazons" to which we wish to pay homage.

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Come! Mount up and ride with me!

Make haste for we have scarcely a minute to lose!

Even as I speak a group of Redd-Neks has gathered to repulse an incursion of the Sno-Birds!

As it is with most battles, it would appear that this confrontation occurs only as a matter of chance rather than by any design!

But I know better!

And so too shall you if you but harken to my words!

Down through the countless ages, the Sno-Birds have sought seasonally to abandon the trackless wastes of their native habitat ...

For they seek refuge in the more temperate climes of the lands inhabitated by the Redd-Neks!

But the Redd-Neks, for the most part, do sorely resent this intrusion upon their territory ...

And so are disposed to do all that is within their power to prevent it!

Did you say that you cannot discern any difference between the conflicting rivals?

That is only because to the (Dare I say?) naked eye there is none!

These women are all of the same anthropological heritage!

Theirs is almost quite literally a case of sister against sister and of mother against daughter!

Is it really any wonder then that their two sides appear to be so evenly matched?

Why does not one side concede the battle so that the survivors may live to fight another day?

That would seem to be a reasonable course when taken from a purely masculine perspective!

But these fierce warriors are female!
And Amazons to the bargain!

Once engaged in combat neither side will back up so much as an inch!

Nor will any one of them be inclined either to beg nor to grant quarter to her opponent!

I dare say that there are some among the ranks of either side
who right now are wishing most sincerely that a show of force
would so intimidate their foes that they would them make short work of them!

It is all but a forlorn hope!
For only on the rarest of occasions has this ever proven to be the case!

And never in a confrontation to which I have been a witness!

Any Amazon worthy of the name would infinitely prefer to meet death head-on!

To the Amazon mind, a blade thrust to the belly or bosom is in all ways preferable to a similar wound taken from the rear!

Where are the archers today, did you ask?

May I presume that you are an aficionado of shafts quivering in the breasts of a victim?

There are none of those here today for the Amazons did not intend for this to be a full dress battle, you see!

I believe that I stated at the outset that this battle appears to be taking place quite by chance rather than by design, did I not?

But no! T'was not by mere chance that these warriors met as they have here today!

Not at all!
T'was by design!

By who's design, you may well ask!

T'was not by the design of those who participate in this melee ...
That much is for certain!

Their meeting here today was the work of the God of War!

A parley between the Redd-Neks and the Sno-Birds had been arranged ...

The negotiated settlement that was reached satisfied neither of the opposing points of view ...

The two clans had arrived lightly armed under separate colors and departed in much the same way ...

But before the council disbanded, a celebratory toast was raised and someone - somehow -
had succeeded in doctering the cups that were passed about ...

The potion that enhanced their drink served to elevate the Amazon's more or less normal lust for blood to a near fever pitch!

And so by a careful timing of their departure,
it was inevitable that these bands of Redd-Neks and Sno-Birds would meet on a collision course!

The result of those manuipulations, if you will, you see before you!

It has been said that Tis More Blessed to Give Than to Receive, and in this instance I should say that I must heartily agree!

For surely there must be more satisfaction in thrusting a spear into the belly of an opponent
than it is to have one buried in your own!

But were that ever the case,
how would one explain the fact that
once a warrior has driven her weapon into the body of her enemy ...

The Amazon makes no great effort to retrieve her weapon ...

But remains steadfastly holding her ground ...

Almost as though she was waiting for the spear of another to find her!

And in that regard, these Amazons seem determined to grant us satisfaction in full, do they not?

If there is one thing than causes me no end of distress ...

It is to be forced to bear witness to the enactment of a battle ...

In which the viewer is enticed by a veritable bevy of warriors ...

In what holds promise of being a scene resplendant with breasts and blood ...

Only to have the better part of their number apparently vanish ...

As the hero of the piece goes about bringing the villian to utter ruin!

That's not the case here!
Each and every one of these warriors is here to give it her all!

There now!
Did you see the way that heavy-breasted one just took the blade of that sword in the gut?!

But that it were a blade of my own sheathed in that plethora of soft female flesh!

There must indeed be something to the concept of the Orgasm of Death!

What else could it be but orgasmic?

Else why would each of these women appear anxious to be disembowelled?

Too, I've heard it rumored that the elixir administered to the women contained a mind-altering narcotic!

The effects of which being that any warrior who ingests the substance knows nothing other to kill and be killed!

T'is true!
Why, I know this for a fact!

If the drink is too strong, any survivor of an encounter will plant her feet firmly on the ground ...

Where she will proceed to repeatedly bury a blade in her own bosom ...

Until she has no life left in her ...

And so falls down dead among or atop the bodies of friends and foes alike!

But let me not put ideas into your head!

For it is unlikely that such will happen here this day!

Did you see how the unwary are ofen cut down from behind?

And see how that big Redd-Nek warrior has seized the offending Sno-Bird by the throat!

Even though the Redd-Nek herself has been impaled by the spear of her adversary!

T'will be of interest to see whether her strength will suffice to choke the life out of that Sno-Bird!

A blade through the back or buttocks is a hard way to learn that a wounded warrior may well be treacherous!

The spear bearers are trained to come in low with their weapons!

It is not so much a case of it being any more satisfying to rip the belly of an opponent than it is to plunge a blade through her breast!

It is more a matter of self-defense!
For it is easier to parry an attack when the weapon is carrried waist-high ...

One's own torso is left exposed to attack when the spear is raised to shoulder-level in preparation for the cast.
Carrying the weapon waist-high keeps the weapon readily availabe to parry a thrust coming in your direction!

But once the spear is cast the warrior is left virtually defenseless
for these women appear to be carrying little else in the way of armaments!

And the ever-present problem with driving a blade into the gut of your adversary
is that while her reaction will be no doubt picturesque,
the wound may not dispatch her quickly enough!

You are of course familiar with the women who contrive in some way to entwine themselves
about a pole in entertaining dances at certain nightclubs?

I maintain that the pole is a derived from the spear of the earliest Amazons!

But this original use is a far more interesting way for the women to wield their pikes!
Is it not?

Well, my friend!
It doth appear that the jackals will feed well tonight!

Is it any wonder to you that the grass in this plain is so verdant?

Who has won this contest did you ask?

As you have born witness, it has been well fetilized with the blood of the Amazons who have fallen this day!

Certainly it was neither the Redd-Neks nor the Sno-Birds, that is for certain!

As we were fortunate enough to bear witness to this battle, the winners are of course, you and I!

Now come!
Let us away!
For the gleaners are come!
And it would not do at all were we to lend interference with their work!