Buck's Photo Tales

Nombe's Grotto

Written by Uncle Buck

Illustrations Provided by

Ms Nombe Zulu @ Sexyamazons.com

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As far as we know, the Amazons had no written language of their own and, if they did,
no examples attributed to them is known to have survived to the present day and age.
But artists they had ...

And so now Sabre found herself smiling in grim satisfaction as she stood studying the subject matter
of the several works she had discovered inscribed in various ways upon the walls of the grotto.

There was no word of description other than what Sabre took to be the name of the artist who had rendered these works ...

"I have no idea who this warrior could have been!" Sabre mused to herself.
"It no-doubt represents a prominent War Queen who was felled during a major campaign of some kind ...
At least she must have died honorably ...
With shafts both to the bosom as well as the belly!"

"More than likely the artist's renderings represent a significant battle that took place at some time ..."

"It may well have been a turning point that determined whether this group of warriors would continue to exist as a clan ..."

"It appears that they were either woefully outclassed or out numbered in this confrontation!"

"I wish that our Clan Historian could see this!
Perhaps she could offer some insight as to who these women may have been!"

"Whereever this encounter may have occurred, it is evident that defense seemed to possess an almost ulimited supply of arrows!"

"And inasmuch a our own Arrowmaker hand crafts each shaft, the defenders must have been well-prepared for this attack!"

"Oh! But now I know what battle these scenes comemmorate!
Pariah has often spoken of the Battle of the Fortress!"

"These pictures must be an attempt to depict the fate of one of the several clans that were involved!"

"Why, that's it, of course!
Eventually the fortress was deserted ...
Simply abandoned ...
When the Amazons finally dared to venture inside,
they found the remnant of a strange device that when described to Buck Simpson,
he said sounded like a Lathe of some kind!
And that it was small wonder that the Amazons found them hopelessly outgunned when they ventured to attack the place!"

"The paintings on the walls of this grotto must be the artist's rendering of the aftermath of that infamous encounter!"

"I must be getting on my way ...
But perhaps I will discover other paintings in this grotto when I have the opportunity to further investigate it again one day!"