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Dear friends,

A brand new video is ready, it's the 3rd part of the AMAZON SENTRIES STRANGLED series, this time with Chrissy!
Chrissy stars in the third entry of our Amazon Sentry Guard series, who is surprised and strangled with a rope by Lena!
Chrissy does a great job as the despreate doomed sentry as her life is slowly squeezed out of her!
Shot in gorgeous Native 4K UHD!
A great catfight with two beauties going to the limit! Fetish Elements: Topless Nudity - Sweaty bodies - Strangling - asphyxation belly - bare feet - saliva from mouth - loinclothes - Amazons - guard - sentry

This clip contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

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Best, Solstice