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Please check "Olaf's Messages" regularly as I will continue to keep that page up to date as best I can
but will no longer be posting messages hither, thither, and yon as I have in the past.

AmFight's Latest: November 21,2019

And here we introduce "Amazon Witch" a new video added to the AmFight Library at Gumroad.
It stars a pair of models from Sophie's Fantasy Art with Diane as the witch and Natalie as her arch enemy.
Natalie succeeds in dispatching the witch but it turns out that the witch had one more curse up her sleeve ...
Although we may all be thankful that she wasn't wearing sleeves at the time.

Amazon-Warriors Latest: November 21,2019

"Treacherous Queen - Part 1" is the video featured in the current release.
And other than to divulge this list of the players I'll leave you to discover the rest for yourselves
as Olaf has provided what looks to be a full outline of the plot
that should be more than enough to get you started on another foray into Amazonia.
Amazon Warriors

White Wolf Latest: November 19,2019

White Wolf Publications has posted "The Right Killer" to his website. In reading the plot description, I gain the impression that what we have here is a "play within a play" and the ladies are rehearsing their roles in an upcoming production.
White Wolf Publications

Sophie's Latest: November 18,2019

Sophie made mention of her new models and it got me thinking that I hadn't checked for updates in that area in quite some time.
The upshot of that is that a number of enhancements have been made. There are new models, and what I take to be the "reintroduction" of a familiar face and figure - that being those of Crista. There are a number of videos at Sophie's site that feature Crista but it is interesting to see that she is prepared to resume an active career. I hope that the Wolf of White Wolf Publications has taken note.
Sophie's Fantasy Art

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