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August 17,2019
Olaf has released "Shoot! The Only Way to Survive" under the Lethal Cowgirls banner at Amazon-Warriors.
I don't know if the exclamation point (!) belongs in the title or not.
But while reaching for one thing or another I hit the key by accident and thought it looked appropriate so I left it alone.
It could be that Olaf is getting Saramis 'warmed up' for a role in the upcoming 'crowd produced' Lethal Cowgirl custom
that Olaf will be putting together for us as soon as he gets his cast assembled and can figure out just what he is going to have them do.
How each performer goes about completing her assignment is pretty much up to the style and inclination of the individual.
If this 'crowd produced' video turns out to be lengthy enough, there might be time enough for an individual confrontation or two such as we have in "Shoot!" with the "indian warrior" being victorious. The Cowgirls won't stand still for this of course and it leads to a squadron of them heading into Indian Territory where they are of a mind to set things right. I don't know what Comanche may have in mind and I'm not sure just who is spear-heading the script but it is quite apt to come to something along these lines.
In the meantime, just think of "Shoot! The Only Way to Survive" as a warm-up to the Main Event - and that's with or without the exclamation!
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August 15,2019
When the Amazon Pariah stomped into the room the other night I could see that she was upset about something.
"Damitall, Buck! If I've told them once I've told each of them one hundred times not to gut-shoot anything or anyone ever!
If its a deer you've hit that way I can guarantee that you will be traipsing wll over creation before you bring it down ...
And if it's another Amazon Warrior - you may think it's sexy or something to watch a woman struggking with an arrow in her gut but you're taking your life in you hands to do it! And you are quite apt to lose it! And I assure you it won't be at all pleasant!
Hit you opponent in the chest! And put a good stout arm behind the bow so that your shaft sinks deeply enough!"

After her rant, Pariah subsided, leaving me to wonder just what else Olaf may have stashed in some out of the way corner of the drawer of his cabinet? Nemesis and Talanis star in a video that was put together in 2016. Let's see. That's three years ago, isn't it?
Better Late than Never they say and so "Queen vs Barbarian" with Nemesis in the role of the Queen awaits you at Olaf's Amazon-Warriors.
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August 11,2019
Like a good many of us, Averia was taken by an advertisement on the internet. Not many would have a use for a trident but Averia was certain that this particular weapon would be effective against an attack from any of the dreaded Leikh-Shaar! And it may well have worked to Averia's advantage if the Leikh-Shaar warrior had been anyone other than Saphyra! At any rate, Olaf and his Amazon Team unfold the plot for us in his latest video posting entitled "Leikh-Shaar - Meet the Trident" which you will find waiting for you under the Amazon Warrriors section of his site.

A Trident of all things! You can find about anything on EBAY these days, can't you?)
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August 9,2019
I think that Olaf must have been rummaging around in his desk drawers looking for an empty diskette case when he came across this video starring Morgaine which had as yet to be released. "Moonlight Dying" is what just may be the last video in which Morgaine plays any role at all unless Olaf unearths another some time in the future or - better yet - Morgaine makes up her mind to return to make an appearance now and then. Be that as it may, hers is a solo performance that comes highly recommended.
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August 3, 2019
The Amazon Warriors 'play fair' for the most part and so it should come as no surprise that Russlana would have the opportunity to get back at Jane for the abuse she took the last time the two of them worked together. "Jane's Torture" was released the other day under the Titaneia banner and if I can stay out of the hospital long enough this time I may get caught up on this posting. It's hard to pick a 'favorite' but Russlana ranks right up there among the first choices partly because of the intensity she brings to any role she plays. According to Olaf, this is the third in a series of 'torture' videos that have been commissioned through his Titaneia Productions. (And yes, the 'p' in productions is capitalized. English treats any title as it would a proper name. My guess is that it is the only European language that does.)
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July 30, 2019
The updates to Olaf's Amazon-Warriors site are coming thick and fast these days. And this is another custom from Titaneia and posted in the Amazon Warriors section of the site. "Dance of Death" stars Talanis and Leandra who as of late are the undisputed "Queens of the Amazon Customs". But then it may well be that the title is disputed at that. Aren't 'disputes' of one kind or another what this site is all about? And perhaps one or another of Olaf's customers for customs will choose his favorite Amazon to contest either Talanis or Leandra for the right to assume the aforementioned title? Or maybe it would be better to have the matter settled between these two principle players - Talanis and Leandra? In the meantime we have this dance to keep us amused.
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July 27, 2019
Guardian at the Gate is the latest release from Olaf's Amazon Warriors division. It is supposed to be both an honor and a privilege to stand guard before the Amazon Temple. But the site was so ancient that no one alive quite knew what the place was supposed to commemorate nor which goddess its builders paid homage to. All that Saramis knew for sure was that this was about the most boring assignment that she had drawn in some time. No one ever came here. Why would they? She found herself almost wishing that something would happen to liven things up!

Be careful of what you wish for Saramis!
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July 24, 2019
Arena Deathmatch is the latest video release from the Amazon-Warriors. As Olaf has said, there is not a great deal of storyline involved in this ... Just two Amazons going at one another as they seem inclined to do quite often. I remember querying Olaf concerning Saphyra's whereabouts as of late and so it is good to see her back in action teamed up with - or in this case against Averia. The video is available in the Amazon Warriors section of Olaf's site and since there is an "Arena" in the title, I've placed it on the "Amazon Arena" menu of the Archive as well as along with the Warriors.
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July 20,2019
Talanis inadvertently steps into "A Lonely Trap" in Olaf's latest release. To keep her from becoming too lonely she has been cast in a dual role - but I suspect that was only so that there would be the opportunity to kill her twice. No 'clones' this time as this episode takes place during the days of the ancient Amazons. The lyrics to an old song come to mind if I may paraphrase them to a certain extent: "Don't you ever shoot me once - Shoot me twice - Treat me nice!" Anyone here old enough to recall that one from Elvis? Does anyone remember Elvis these days? You needn't admit to anything. Just get on over to the Amazon Warriors section at Olaf's site and scope out this latest from Olaf and Talanis.
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