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Amazon-Warriors Latest December 13,2019

December 13,2019

"Casual Interrogation" introduces what is essentially a "first" at the Amazon Warriors website.
It features bellypunching and while the ladies have been stabbed and shot in and around the area of the belly any number of times,
I'm quite sure that this marks the first time this method of torture has appeared among the Amazon Team.
And who do you suppose either volunteers or what is more probable - elected to be the victim?
Why Saphyra, of course. If you will remember, Saphyra was the first and as far as I know the only Amazon to roll down a bank after being struck by an arrow.
This was back during the period when a number of Olaf's videos were recorded out of doors but with the advent of his studio it has become a rather rare occurance these days.
The interrogation apparently does not go well and I shall leave it up to you to learn just how it plays out.
You'll find the video in the Modern Section at Olaf's site and for some reason it appears a ways down the list.
Amazon Warriors

AmFight's Latest: December 10,2019

Diane has loosed her clones upon an unsuspecting populace and it is up to Natalie to put them down.
Thus "Amazon Clones: Diane" becomes the latest video release from AmFight.
This is a new video that stars two of the women from Sophie's Fantasy Art Site.
Natalie was cast in the role of the Amazon Clone in the first video and now we have Diane playing a similar part in what may become a series.
Which two of Sophie's Ladies will be paired off next time do you suppose?

White Wolf Latest: December 11,2019

White Wolf Publications has posted "Soft Target" to his website.
One employee decides to do away with another when she learns that a co-worker has been offered the promotion to which she herself was entitled.
White Wolf Publications

Sophie's Latest: November 18,2019

Sophie made mention of her new models and it got me thinking that I hadn't checked for updates in that area in quite some time.
The upshot of that is that a number of enhancements have been made. There are new models, and what I take to be the "reintroduction" of a familiar face and figure - that being those of Crista. There are a number of videos at Sophie's site that feature Crista but it is interesting to see that she is prepared to resume an active career. I hope that the Wolf of White Wolf Publications has taken note.
Sophie's Fantasy Art

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