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October 18,2019
Gladiatrix Nightmare 2
I put the promo for this video up in the Amazon Warriors section as well as along with the Titaneia Customs. It is a custom production starring Russlana and Antaris fighting in the arena. This is Antaris' Nightmare and I guess you knew that she had it coming as she got the best of Russlana in Part 1. Russlana seems to be much in demand for customs these days and of course that's fine with me. These two ladies are very expressive actresses along with everything else that is fine about them. On another note, this is what I guess is my second posting using the slide show which seems to work irregardless off the browser you are using. Microsoft's "Edge" browser apparently doesn't work when I try to hop about the menu using the alphabetic character addresses I set up. The old "Explorer" works with those when you care to use them. Neither does "Edge" have a "View Source" as an option and I haven't been able to save a picture using it. A dead loss all the way around as far as I can see. But then, that's "Progress".
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October 17,2019
Retired Hacker
The "Wolf" has included a capble description as well as a preview to this video so I'd best leave it to him.
You may gain access to the "Wolf's" preview information by accessing his page here on the Blog.
White Wolf Publications

October 16,2019
Sophie has added two new video clips that are Free to Members of her site.
If you recall this image you may recall also that Uncle Buck uses it to indicate that a video is a recent addition to one of Sophie's menus. It's my guess that Sophie makes it a habit to add new items to her GFG and GSG Member sections and then move those that have been listed for a while to the appropriate purchase menu. Have a look to see what the girls have been up to over in Sophie's "neck of the woods lately.
Sophie's Fantasy Art Archive

October 14,2019 #2
"Shooter Game" is another of Olaf's GunFun productions and I can almost hear Comanche gnashing his teeth as our own Mob Funded GunFun video remains in the offing. Not to worry - at least not at this point - the team is just getting limbered up.
Did you notice the 'necklaces' that the Amazons were wearing? They looked as though they could easily pass for the 'wampum' that indian women would have worn.
At least the Germanic European Tribes could have.
This is GunFun so you will find it listed there as well as in the Modern Amazon sections of the Amazon Archive.
And of course there's the Whole Anchilada which lists everything.
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October 14,2019
I've been looking for the html code and script to build slide show pages whenever one of my "clients" posts multiple pictures.
I finally came across an example that I could manage fairly well and put it to work using the postings from Black Nylons Films.
Not every promotion that Tommy Gun posted has more than a single picture attached to it, but for those that do, it works much
like those multiple scene gifs that you come across every so often. The difference being that you can stop the "action" with a
"right click"; then "left click" ro resume.
The access list for Black Nylons Films is about half way down the page - after the access links to the several versions of he Catalogue.
You may gain access to the "Nylon's" preview information by accessing his page here on the Blog.
Black Nylons Films

October 13,2019
The Predator 4
The fourth and final installment of this four-part series has been added to the list of videos available at White Wolf Publications.
Alas! The Predator is no more!
You may gain access to the "Wolf's" preview information by accessing his page here on the Blog.
White Wolf Publications

October 11,2019
With Hard to Take, Olaf has introduced us to Acanta, who is new to the Amazon Team.
And so now I thought it a good time to introduce a fresh method of displaying Olaf's pictures.
It may take a while to load - it does on my old machine - but I think the slide show is kind of nice and the images are enlarged.
If you want to save a picture, right click and the software will pause for you - and then continue.
Acanta had best not be tempted to twist those arrows in Zahray's belly while she's at a temporary disadvantage ...
Or just wait until it's her turn to get the shaft!
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October 10,2019
The Predator 3
The third installment of a four-part series has been added to the list of videos available at White Wolf Publications.
Gabrielle and Ildiko are day dreaming ... Can a "nightmare" occur during daylight hours?
You may gain access to the "Wolf's" preview information by accessing his page here on the Blog.
White Wolf Publications

October 8,2019
Russlana dons the Red Cloak of Royalty, slips on a forbidding mask, picks up her spear and shield and she is indeed a Queen Fit For a King!
And may I add, "A Sight For Sore Eyes!" Wow! Could I be referring to anything other than Russlana in the role of the "Spartan Queen?"
Click on over to the Amazon-Warriors section, click here and there and see for yourself!
Olaf was so shook up by the experience that he repeated a picture during his post - and I can't say that I blame him in the least!
Amazon Message Archive

October 7,2019
Sophie's Bonus for Members
Sophie has a section of videos on her site that May Be Downloaded Free of Charge to Members of Her Site.
This page alone is reason enough to join her site if for some reason you haven't done so already.
This internal link will lead you to Sophie's page on the blog, and from there you will find a new Bonus Menu of no fewer than twenty-five (25) videos!
Sophie's Fantasy Art Archive

October 6,2019
Purification Ritual
To help us all get into the Spirit of Halloween, White Wolf Publications has made the purification of a young witch available - And we wouldn't have them any other way, would we? Young and Pure that is. You may gain access to the "Wolf's" preview information by accessing his page here on the Blog.
White Wolf Publications

October 5,2019
The Perfect Couple 3
Thyarmis and Antaris reprise their roles for the third and presumably the third and last installment of "The Perfect Couple".
Heretofore clones have been commissioned to assassinate the rival competitors but in this episode the two human females meet face to face in this final confrontation ...
It quickly turns into a melee of shooting and stabbing and in looking at the preview pictures, I suspect that the girls had beem advised to leave any inhibitions they might have at home ...
But then I guess they usually do - which is what makes their performance so superior ...
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October 1,2019
Ground to Dust
It isn't often that Antaris bites off more than she can chew in any of the roles she plays as a member of the Amazon-Warriors team.
And let's face it - Shemina looks neither mean, rough, tough, nor nasty and if she tried we'd all figure that she was faking it.
So Antaris was taken in and she paid the price. Of course that does not mean that Shemina gets off Scot Free by any means.
The women seldom do here or so I've found out over the years.
This video can be found in the Warriors section of Olaf's site.

The Big Deal
I don't really know what the Big Deal was that Averia and Shemina got into
but it may be that one or another of them figured out how to cash in all those "points"
that Olaf collected for the Crowd Funded Lethal Cowgirl GunFun Project and has had stashed away for safe keeping.
But come to think of it, if that were the case
Olaf would have come after them himself
rather than leave the job up to Aeric, so I'll have to guess again.
This video can be found in the Modern section of Olaf's site.

Pontus Media
Pontus (mythology)
In Greek mythology, Pontus, meaning Sea" was an ancient, pre-Olympian sea-god, one of the Greek primordial deities.
(PRE-Olypian?! Good Grief! That predates Xena even!)
Pontus (Greek: meaning "Sea") is a region on the southern coast of the Black Sea,
located in modern-day eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey.
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September 25,2019
Gladiatrix Nightmare 1
Olaf speaks of "a few days delay" but I put myself way behind the singers when I slipped away for a few days to set up a page for
White Wolf Publications as a new entry to the Blog. No project is ever any smaller than you think it will be, so here I am behind the 8-Ball again as usual.
I put "Gladiatrix Nightmare Part 1" up in the Amazon Warriors section as well as along with the Titaneia Customs. It is a custom production starring Russlana and Antaris fighting in the arena. This is Russlana's Nightmare but if you stay tuned for Part 2 I am sure that Antaris is scheduled to have a nightmare as well.

Deadly Angels
Saramis and Zahray are on the market for some high powered weapons - and where else would you find them but on the black market?
My guess is that they didn't bring the requisite amount of cash with them ... But they were going to get those guns one way or another!

Death Comes Cruel
This is a classic Amazon confrontation in which the warriors battle one another one-on-one.
Averia and Thyarmis go all out stabbing, slashing, arrows, in fighting hand-to-hand.
I was kind of relieved not to see Russlana taking part in this episode.
Comanche is worried enough about our "crowd funded" Deadly Cowgirls GunFun video in which several of us have requested that Russlana play a leading role. We, or at least I hope that there is enough of her left to undertake the project. In November did someone say?
Well, in the meantime we have these three videos and no doubt several more to keep us all "entertained." So have at it!
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September 24,2019
The proprietor of White Wolf Publications paid me a compliment when he asked that I put together a page to promote his videos here on the "Blog". His site is closely allied with Sophie's Fantasy Art and so access to the "White Wolf" is available there as well as here on the Bill of Fare. It was not a very large task so I figured that I could knock it off in a few hours. Nothing is ever quite as easy as you think it will be. Nonetheless here it is and I wish Good Fortune to everyone concerned.
White Wolf Publications

And so now I am woefully behind posting to Olaf Winter's Amazon Archive and will get on it post haste.

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