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Amazon Reprise March 30, 2020

This video was released in August of 2017 and Aeric was on hand to see that Agent Talanis was properly taken care of.
Our heroine was on her way to lend help to a friend but she ran into some trouble along the way and was in dire need of assistance herself.

"Agent Talanis - Failed Rescue"

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Sophie's Fantasy Art

March 28, 2020

Sophie was not about to be "outdone" by the other producers that I make some attempt to promote
so today I found three new entries in her library when I made my morning rounds.
For the "GFG Members" we have "The Cruel Team":

GFG Members

"The Cruel Team"

And for the "GSG Members" there are two new videos ...
First up we have "So Beautiful":

"So Beautiful"

And for her third offering, Sophie has a video that will find its way to her hanging area ...

"Dreaming About This"

Sophie's Fantasy Art

Amazon Warriors

March 27, 2020

The year 2013 is revisited as we find Antaris sneaking around in a deserted film studio.
She, unlike her predecessor has not been lured here.
Antaris has arrived seeking to avenge the death of her sister, Thyarmis.
But Aeric is still on the job in his role as head of Studio Security ...
So we needn't spend too much time in idle conjecture over what is to become of this interloper.

"Dead Meet 2 - Slasher Time"

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March 27, 2020

"Titanium - Sentry Kill" is another classic Amazon video from AmFight and is available for $6 at the Gumroad site.
This is Tina in what I believe is her first time working with and for T. S. Solstice.

"Titanium - Sentry Kill"

AmFight Index at the Blog

White Wolf Publishing

March 27, 2020
White Wolf Publishing has posted "Your Are Next" to his website.

My! But "my" producers have been keeping me busy today!
It's interesting the way there are different approaches to this topic that is so near and dear to our hearts ...
Mr Winter and his Amazons use more often than not a technique that I think of as the "Slam! Bang! Thank You, Ma'm!" approach
wherein the pictures are "Worth a Thousand Words", as the saying goes.
While here at White Wolf Publishing, the author comes quite close to composing a Short Story lending background
and an introduction to his videos. The "Photographer" and the "Author". Interesting ...

"You Are Next"

White Wolf Publishing

Sexy Latin Amazons

February 27,2020

New Video SLA - Foxxy Comand: The Kidnapping - Part 1

In looking back over several of the videos produced by the Sexy Latin Amazons,
I can't help but think that Mayra must have grown up watching a copy of the movie
"Set It Off" toward the end of which Queen Latifah gave a splendid rendition of
a woman being pretty much shot to pieces in and around her '63 Chevy.
Mayra's Amazons seldom have a soft spot to land as most often the performers
work out of doors and automobiles play a significant role in the videos.
A nice "touch" as it makes the "gun play" a bit different and gives the Amazons
something to duck around while not having to go to the trouble and expense of a
collection of "props" of another kind.
Well, let see what Mayra has to say about this kidnapping caper - shall we?

Hello friends how are you!
I come to invite you to the premiere of the new video "COMMANDOS FOXXY - The Kidnapping Part 1"

The Valkyrias return to the attack commanded by Gabriella,
they manage to kidnap an important security agent while carrying valuable information,
but the cost of the Valkyria's attack is high casualties on both sides.
This is the first part of this Foxxy Command story. Here is the link for the video trailer:

Trailer: "The Kidnapping Part 1"

And also I want to invite you to visit the blog.
I have put a new entry relating to this premiere chapter with new photographs.
During the next 24 hours I will be uploading more photos to the blog,
because unfortunately I have problems with the internet connection,
that makes me sad because it does not allow me to upload all the photographs
I would like to share with you, but I will upload them a few.
Thank you all for your collaboration and please ...
Leave your comments, good or bad as they help me improve productions.
Hugs and Kisses

Mayra's "Kidnapping" Production Blog

Sexy Latin Amazons @ Buck's Blog

Black Nylons Films

February 27,2020

A "Clarification" Posted: Feb Thu 27, 2020 10:23 am
Well, the good news about DeadSexyClips is that John Marshall finally communicated with me after the site finally communicated with him
that the issue was that they migrated their server and had a (very long) problem with the DNS data base.

Anyway, it does seem to have been corrected, so they (and Black Nylons) are back on line at DeadSexyClips.com
and their companion sites like Kinky-Clips.com.

Things have a habit of "disappearing overnight" when they pertain to the internet.
But after tangling with one computer or another for nigh onto forty years I know that they have minds of their own
and can be downrght cantankerous cusses at times ...
Which times often occur whenever you set about changing, reorganizing or relocating any of its data
for which the machine seems to take a proprietory interest.
Let's hope that "All's Well That Ends Well" - For the present at least ...

Oh! I almost forgot! Take another look at the slideshow for "Once Upon a Time". Tommy Gunn emailed me another half dozen pictures ...

February 26,2020

There isn't anything I can do to "improve upon" the message that Tommy Gunn has posted promoting his third outing this year ...
I can only hope to "preserve it" in a slideshow on Buck's Blog.
There are but four pictures, but I have retained the message in the text beneath the photos.
Bad news concerning DeadSexyClips.
We can (and do) hope that the site has merely encountered technical difficulties of some kind in which case they will be on the air before long.

Once Upon a Time

Direct: Email Back Nylons @ Yahoo

ClipSite: Dead Sexy Clips

Black Nylons Films at the Blog

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