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This is my new site that comes to you though the courtesy and generosity of Diogenes.
And his art work may be viewed at Deadly Relations.
(You will need his permission to access the site and I shall post his email when it becomes available.)
Dio was good enough to contact me after my recent problems with "PUPs" blocking my other site for users of Avast security.
You may have taken note (or at least I wish you would) that thanks to Dio, I now have my own "domain".
Everthing that is on the earlier "100freemb" edition of my site has been posted here at my new "home".
I encourage eveyone interested to "bookmark" this site or take note one way or another ...
The "100freemb" address will no longer be maintained and will "vanish" before too long.

Olaf has posted two new videos in the Modern Amazons section of his site. You'll have to look for their links because they aren't at the top of the list.
Both Shemina and Talanis take their individual turns at being secret agents - and I guess by now we all know what is lilely to happen to them.
Shemina is "On Her Own", and from one of the responses I've seen, I guess that this video was shot some time ago as I believe I saw a pre-release promo a while back.
It's been posted now so have at it!
Talanis is the recipient of an Atta-Girl Award in "Deadly Promotion".
I don't know how effective her spy-work may have been, but she certainly deserved it for the performace she put in!
Click on Olaf's Messages for his posters promoting his latest videos.

Cassandra of Catharsis steps up to the plate in "Amazon Asylum" as the latest entry in Thrill Killer's Gallery.
These photos were "frozen in time" from one of the "Southpaw" videos. Now when you're saving stills from any video it gets hard to determine
which images to take. I'm inclined to save every "twitch" from a few favorite moments to savor at leisure and Thrill Killer does the same.
That being the case, I often find myself with more pictures than I can make use of readily. (Believe it or not, I do run short of words occasionally.)
So this time, I've initiated what make become a new practice of building a gallery of "Extras". Not "Out takes" but extras.
You'll find them at the close of the phototale. Now move on to Thrill Killer's Gallery and click on the latest offering ...

In Olaf's latest release, Antaris and Jane star in a Lethal Cowgirl episode
in which through the medium of modern photography, Jane has been multiplied (or duplicated) into a whole passle of indians ...
"Palefaces - On Foreign Ground" ... And a complete plot description is given in Olaf's ad posted as the latest of his messages.

I've put together this sampling of images of Miosotis from the internet.
It's posted here because unless I am mistaken, leklen has posted a few modified images of this woman and,
if it is he who been doing the photo manipulations then I should like to have him try his hand at doing a few more.

Not that it's necessary, (but then is any of this really necessary?) I've added banner links toward the bottom of this menu
to the message boards in our community of which I am currently aware. If there are any others that would like an "honorable mention" here, please let me know.

"Dead Heat" is the latest entry at Thrill Killer's Gallery.
Were you afforded the opportunity to run your knife into the bellies of a pair of lissome females,
the question becomes: Who Will Be The First To Die?

The Evil Priestess - Vengeance is the title of Olaf and his Amazon Warriors Team's latest video.
Averia and Talanis join Semira in a portrayal of what occurred when an Amazon Queen attempted to rid herself of a troublesome Priest.
Click on Olaf's Messages for a full plot description.

Olaf has posted an ad for the second segment of "Attack of the Clone Spies".
His description is most thorough so I will make no attempt to paraphrase it here ...
Proceed to Olaf's Messages to see his latest release in his series of 'Modern Amazons'

In "Amazon Escape" which was posted several weeks ago, Thrill Killer provided images of Delphine and Nikita taken from a Catharsis video.
"Gun Lovers" was something I wrote back when Necrobabes and the "Erotic Horror" site were still active, alive, and well.
Delphine and Nikita star once again, which just goes to show that there is just no way to keep a good Amazon down.
It would appear that they are in the same location and I would hazard that both sets were shot on the same day.
The girls tucked away the knives and picked up their guns - and away we go!
I had this set relatively intact and so this is posted to the Shooters' Gallery ...

Olaf's latest custom is "Attack of the Clone Spies" in which our heroine is shot in his "gun-fun" style of animated blood effects.
Click on 'Olaf's Messages' to see his promotional pictures of Zenobia in her 'leather' outfit.

Delphine of Catharsis had (or has) quite a fan in Thrill Killer and "A Dahlia For Delphine" is another set of images
that he sent me from his video collection. The captions I wrote are an attempt at a one-sided "conversation" with the "victim" as she gives us
her redition of a "floor how". I've reworked Thrill Killer's index page to apply titles to the entries, but the only addtion is at the top of the list.

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