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September 13,2019
You all know by now that when Olaf releases an "Agent Saphyra" video that we are in store for another "shooter" in which our leading lady will contrive to get herself 'plugged' a fair number of times. And "Agent Saphyra - Clone Force 3" will certainly follow this pattern. The word "clone" appearing in the title provides us all with a 'clue'. This video was released through Titaneia Productions and you will have to go digging for it as access to it appears quite a way down the list. Olaf has his Amazons fire arrows very successfully. I'm wondering if he could do the same if one of them should throw a knife?
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September 7,2019
Hoo Boy! Now I have another video that I hope will "keep" until our "Community Funded Project" with Olaf is complete so that I know how many, if any points I have left in my account to play with. "Laura Craft-Killing Spree" has been released and is available in the Modern Amazons section of Olaf's Amazon-Warriors site.
And now let me warn you ... This one caters to Dirty Old Men like Yours Truly and not to those of you who fret about "wardrobe" and details such as that.
'Nuff said? Good. Go and get it!
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September 6,2019
There was a time not so very long ago when I feared that Leandra might have been fading into the Ranks of the Retired Amazon Warriors. But I guess that Olaf's Custom Customers put in requests enough to keep her on the Active Roster. I expect that along with a script and whatnot, the customer (actually the "producer" to borrow Hollywood jargon) would have his choice of cast members as long as they were ready, willing, and able. And so Leandra and Talanis are here to work one another over as the Amazons are inclined to do in "Daughters of the Wild". You will find the video in the Amazon-Warriors section at Olaf's site.
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September 2, 2019
If there is one thing that I can promise you in all safety it is that I will return to purchase "Masked Assault" as soon as I see if there is anything remaining in my point collection at the Amazon-Warriors site once the 'crowd funded' cowgirls gunfun video is "in the can" so to speak. It is seldom that I pass up on an opportunity to see Russlana in action and this does not look like one to miss if we can help it. Fortunately, Russlana is not wearing a mask because she is not the Intruder. That role goes to her partner while Russlana is cast as a number of guards who go down again and again in her efforts to protect the corporate secrets. Did Olaf mention the number 12? I expect that the secret to which the intruder wants an answer is:
Where does Olaf Winter find all these fine looking women?
This video resides in the Gunfun section at Olaf's site as well it should. You will have to scroll down the page a bit as the software appears to be making some attempt to place the video files in alphabetical order.
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August 29,2019
For those of you who may enjoy a text story now and then without any of my nonsense, I've at last had one placed in my hands by Annalisa and you will find it in the Authors' Gallery that I have added to the Bill of Fare here at the blog.

August 28,2019
What with the mob having set Morgane on Elysia's trail, I doubt that the witness will survive long enough to testify to anything at all, but "Deadly Testimony" is the name of the video that Olaf has released through the Modern Amazons. Morgane appeared to be up against quite a crew. It makes me wonder whether she survived this shootout? You can pretty much tell from the preview pictures that none of the others did. And I hope that there is a finish on that wood floor that the girls were busily dying on else their blood is apt to stain the grain of the wood.
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August 25,2019
In "Human Firewall" Zahray has made her way inside the offices of the Flint Tire Company in search of the formula for the compound to an as yet to be released racing tire. Hers was not the fastest car competing on the course, but she was certain that if she could spend more time on the track and less on the pit road having tires changed on her car, then she would have better track position and stood to win more races. Now, if only she could lay her hands on that formula! Zahray knew that the formula was a closely guarded secret and that she'd have to work fast, find the formula and get out of there! But what she hadn't figured on was an armed guard who was there to see that the Flint Tire Company's closely guarded secret stayed that way!
"Human Firewall" is released through Titaneia Productions and may be found in the Modern Amazons section at Olaf's site.
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August 22,2019
So Antaris and Russlana are itching to fight one another are they?
I think that as far as Olaf was concerned he was inclined to let them have it out on their own time ...
Except that he had no intention of missing an opportunity to augment his cash flow to some extent.
I just hope that Antaris leaves Russlana so that she can recover enough to perform in the "Cowgirl Crowd-Funded Custom" we have coming up at some point in the future.
For now we have "Gladiatrix Arena 21" which, as you may well expect, is available to you in the Gladiatrix Arena area of the Amazon-Warriors site.
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August 17,2019
Olaf has released "Shoot! The Only Way to Survive" under the Lethal Cowgirls banner at Amazon-Warriors.
I don't know if the exclamation point (!) belongs in the title or not.
But while reaching for one thing or another I hit the key by accident and thought it looked appropriate so I left it alone.
It could be that Olaf is getting Saramis 'warmed up' for a role in the upcoming 'crowd produced' Lethal Cowgirl custom
that Olaf will be putting together for us as soon as he gets his cast assembled and can figure out just what he is going to have them do.
How each performer goes about completing her assignment is pretty much up to the style and inclination of the individual.
If this 'crowd produced' video turns out to be lengthy enough, there might be time enough for an individual confrontation or two such as we have in "Shoot!" with the "indian warrior" being victorious. The Cowgirls won't stand still for this of course and it leads to a squadron of them heading into Indian Territory where they are of a mind to set things right. I don't know what Comanche may have in mind and I'm not sure just who is spear-heading the script but it is quite apt to come to something along these lines.
In the meantime, just think of "Shoot! The Only Way to Survive" as a warm-up to the Main Event - and that's with or without the exclamation!
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August 15,2019
When the Amazon Pariah stomped into the room the other night I could see that she was upset about something.
"Damitall, Buck! If I've told them once I've told each of them one hundred times not to gut-shoot anything or anyone ever!
If its a deer you've hit that way I can guarantee that you will be traipsing wll over creation before you bring it down ...
And if it's another Amazon Warrior - you may think it's sexy or something to watch a woman struggking with an arrow in her gut but you're taking your life in you hands to do it! And you are quite apt to lose it! And I assure you it won't be at all pleasant!
Hit you opponent in the chest! And put a good stout arm behind the bow so that your shaft sinks deeply enough!"

After her rant, Pariah subsided, leaving me to wonder just what else Olaf may have stashed in some out of the way corner of the drawer of his cabinet? Nemesis and Talanis star in a video that was put together in 2016. Let's see. That's three years ago, isn't it?
Better Late than Never they say and so "Queen vs Barbarian" with Nemesis in the role of the Queen awaits you at Olaf's Amazon-Warriors.
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