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December 6, 2018
On the heels of the "Navel Game", Olaf has posted "The Goddess of Blood" and from all appearances I would hazard to say that it is a 'sacrifice by consent' in which those chosen to participate do away with one another.
The last girl to go down is sort of 'on her honor' to do away with herself ... Unless of course she has been given a few preliminary pokes by one of the other participants.
The answer to that question you will have to determine for yourselves.
Have a preliminary peek her at the Archive, and then hasten to the Amazon-Warriors site for access to more photos if you should need any further enticement.
Let's see ... The cast consists of Saphyra, Averia, and Morgane if I remember correctly
Amazon Archive

December 5, 2018
While we're waiting for Olaf to post a video that fullfills the promises hinted at in his latest trailer, Pariah the Amazon Gleaner stopped by - to visit an old friend she said - but I suspect it had more to do with having repairs made to her cart - to say nothing of getting in out of the cold. Be that as it may, I asked her what she had found during the course of her travels in and around Amazonia. She said that she found it to be much the same until at last she stopped at a camp where she came upon what was shaping up to be a belly-stabbing ceremony of one kind or another. Pariah's Preference

December 1, 2018
It wasn't long ago that I saw a message to Olaf looking for the 4th part of the "Navel Game". And Lo and Behold! Here it is!
Well that is to say ... Not here precisely ... But it has been posted in the Warriors section of the Amazon-Warriors site.
So after looking at the preview pictures - and a trailer besides! Get yourselves on over to Olaf's site for the latest episode in this game that they play. Amazon Archive

November 27, 2018
Olaf has posted "The Belly Maniac" with Talanis providing the required exposure and Morgane the necessary prop.
This clip is released under the Titaneia banner which offers proof without my saying so that this is a Custom video.
In that I prefer to see Talanis (and any other woman for that matter) in the role of an Amazon Warrior where technically she has a "fighting chance", I fervently hope that one day Olaf will return to his "roots" so to speak. In the meantime, one cannot fault him or anyone else for responding to the "ready money" that is part and parcel of any custom video.
I will now leave you ro drool over Talanis as she suffers at the hands of "The Belly Maniac."
Amazon Archive

November 20, 2018
Olaf has just posted "Raiders of the Forgotten Tomb - Part 2". That is a long title and I must have thought that it was the "Lost Tomb" because I must have spelt it that way at least three times - which got me precisely nowhere. I think that I have it right. You'll find it at the Amazon-Warriors site in the "Modern Amazons" section. ANTARIS, AVERIA, THYARMIS, SARAMIS, SEMIRA, and ELYSIA star in this video and the women get to annihilate one another in ways both archaic and modern. I believe that there was one who survived to tell the tale. Go have a look to see for yourself ... Amazon Archive

November 19, 2018

For those of you who may be checking here for updates to the Amazon-Warriors site, Olaf has posted Part 2 of the Barbarian Raiders videos. Amazon Archive

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