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November 13, 2018
Olaf has posted "Barbarian Raiders - Part 1" and he has written up a complete synopsis and so I'll leave it to you to access the archive to read it ...
And then to hasten to the Amazon Warriors site gain access to more photos if you should need any further enticement.
About all that I can add is to name the members of the cast who are: ANTARIS, SAFO, THYARMIS, and MORGANE Amazon Archive

November 10, 2018
Olaf has posted "Leikh-Shaar - Masks of Death" wherein Morgane has the upper hand and has managed to take two prisoners from the ranks of these particularly ferocious females.
The Gleaner and I were each doing justice to a heaping breakfast of eggs and bacon, and I asked her how such a thing were possible.

"Leikh-Shaar?" The Gleaner raised her hand indicating that she wanted to swallow her mouthful before making reply. "They're about as tough as they come! Fierce, bloodthirsty warriors the lot of them! But once that loco weed their War Queen has them smoke before going into battle wears off they're no worse than any other Amazon Warrior when her blood is up!

"But what of those masks that they wear? Don't they impart a magic of some kind?"

"Not that I've ever been made aware of Buck! Is that what this is all about? I can tell you this much - I've pulled a fair amount of weaponry of one sort or another from the bodies of the Leikh-Shaar, and I can vouch for the fact that those warriors were as dead as any other! Magic? It didn't do any of them a lot of good if it was!"

The Gleaner paused to collect her thoughts and picked up another strip of bacon and chewed on it reflectively.

"What they are Buck, is a band of Renegades and the mask is nothing more than a bit of a disguise!"

"A disguise?"

"Sure! That way if one or another of them should happen to survive their latest skirmish then they can run off long enough to remove the mask - and then sneak back to the clan where they can blend in - and quite often the very clan with which they had been giving battle!"

"You've witnessed this?" I was mildly incredulous.

"Not often! But I have seen it! Yes!" She chewed another strip of bacon before continuing.

"The Renegade 'Queen' is quite an orator! She recruits malcontents from any of the many clans in Amazonia and convinces them that they are all Super Warriors! Invincible!
And at the same time how much better off they all will be once she has gained control of all Amazonia!"

"And the masks?" I hesitated to ask.

"Other than the practical purpose I spoke of earlier I suspect that they're just a gimmick! These fearsome savages will tear you apart! That and a head full of the loco weed and they're ready to roll! Slaughter a few unwary Amazons and let reputation and rumor do their work! You say Morgane took prisoners? Who'd she get? Do you know?"

"Aeria and Saphyra from the look of things."

"Hmm ... Yes ... And in all liklihood Morgane will knock them around a bit and then ream their navels with that knife of hers! I really can't take the time for such entertainment myself! One deep thrust of a blade beneath the sternum angled upward is enough to do the trick ..."

The Gleaner is not always so chatty, but I guess the relaxed atmosphere - to say nothing of a belly-full of eggs and bacon is enough to get her going ... Amazon Archive

October 31, 2018
Olaf has released "Raiders of the Forgotten Tomb" in the Modern Amazons section of his site. He says that Part 2 will follow shortly. I don't recall seeing any survivors in this first episode, but fortunately the women have a way of surviving and reviving. Or he may muster another crew of Raiders so stayed tuned. I noticed a skeleton laying around in the Tomb so this makes a good episode for Halloween. Amazon Archive

October 23, 2018
Olaf has posted "Downfall of the Leik-Shaar" as the latest video to fly under the Modern Amazons banner.
And in this outing we find that the Gate in the Castle Wall is not meant only as a way to impale any luckless female who attempts to duck under it.
This time the gate serves in its intended capacity which is to protect the defenders of the fortress.
My friend, the Amazon Pariah happened by and was peering over my shoulder as I was watching this video ...
"Ha! Those Leikh-Shaar don't exhibit much in the way of common sense!" Was her opinion. "All they had to do was to back away from the gate!"
"Perhaps not," I replied. "But they certainly were exhibiting quite a bit of everything else!"
"Ah, yes!" She sighed. "Which is your primary concern in watching any of this sort of thing, I suppose?"
"Pariah? Should I ever grow weary of looking at undraped females running about, I just hope that you'll be good enough to toss a few shovels of dirt over me."
Amazon Archive

October 21, 2018
After a long hiatus - I think that's the word - Olaf says that it's been five years and he should know - Gladiatrix Arena 20 has just been released for your viewing pleasure.
It appears that Morgane is now fully recovered after being gunned down a number of times by Saphyra as the "Sheriff" so now she's ready to take on Talanis in the guise of a Gladiatrix.
Let's see what happens, shall we? Amazon Archive

October 17, 2018

I've wanted Olaf and his team of Amazon Warriors to do a custom for me for some time but never having done this before, I've been at something of a loss as to how to go about it.

"The Sheriff" brings to mind a 'phototale' I put together some time ago and I will summarize it here in the hope that it provides a "plot" that will put Olaf and his team to work

A small group of rangers (cowgirls, or police) has taken refuge in a fortress somewhere in (Amazon or Indian) territory. They are confronted by a large war party and are greatly outnumbered. The Amazon War Chief doesn't know how many are in the opposition and so a number of warriors are sent forward - not to do battle, but to provide 'cannon fodder' so that the chief can determine what force is pitted against her. The rangers, as personified by the character named "Fairchild" are somewhat reluctant to shoot down unarmed women even when they represent the formidable force that is arrayed against them. But shoot them down they do.
The Amazon war chief is "Counting Our Guns" and this idea is rather unapologetically lifted from a sequence in the film "Zulu" which was produced during the 1960's.
Morgane did such a marvelous job of being shot down "forty times" (I didn't count) that I would like to see that replicated by others in another video. Saphyra is a grand "Super Woman" in that she can be shot "forty times" and still be standing - and do it without so much as an ounce of "silliness" - unless such has be edited out?. Now let's see how many times she (or someone else?) can fall!
Olaf? Would that "Green Screen Technology" help to augment the number of victims? We need a number of them!
This is sort of in line with the "consensual death" concept that rears its head around here from time to time.
See what you can make of this, if anything?
Oh And here's a link to the phototale Counting Our Guns
Best of Luck to Everyone Involved!

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