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May 21, 2019
Olaf has released The Decoy starring Leandra and Talanis in the title role as the Amazon Decoy who is ordered out to draw the fire of the enemy which, I would suppose will give Leandra the opportunity to estimate the strength of the opposing force.
The "clone concept" is most useful for two reasons, the first and most apparent is that with the limited cast, it gives Olaf an opportunity to demonstrate what I will call his "multiplier effect". It is one thing for the script to require an actress (and yes, I think of the women as "actresses" rather than "models") to be "killed" X-number of times while it is quite another to have her appear several times in various postures within the same video frame. I have seen no other producer duplicate this effect and it serves to enhance the "scenery" as it reinforces the "fantasy" aspect of the production.
Too the "clone" is most often regarded as being somewhat less than human and so there are no pangs of guilt - if indeed there ever are any? - when one or more of them are lost.
Olaf makes mention of the "Human Shield" series of videos and that brings to mind my own take on this aspect of the fantasy but mine would incorporate "consenting" victims as well in that the Amazons go to their deaths defending someone whose lives they regard to be of greater value than their own. In the absence of dialog this would be a particulary difficult concept to enact and we shall have to satisfy ourselves with depictions of the Amazon Guards dying in defense of their Queen.
It would seem that Leandra survives this episode so either the opposition was not especially numerous and/or they simply ran out of ammunition.
The Decoy is a Titaneia Production that is available in the Warriors secton of Olaf's site.
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May 15, 2019
The confrontation this week is an "UNEQUAL FIGHT" because it pits two antagonists against one. But SOTAR proves to be more than equal to the task at hand as she settles with both Morgane and Averia. Personally I'm of the opinion that the two veterans were taking it easy on the new Warrior in their ranks. It seems to me that dying convincingly "on screen" or off for that matter is a somewhat more difficult role to play than that of the killer. Which is why of course I'm so glad to see Morgane assigned to the role of a victim.

Olaf? If you happen to read any of these blurbs of mine, I have a request ...

Several years ago Russlana (and a host of others on the Team) starred in "The Wild Amazon - Part 1".
Russlana and the gang were celebrating an Amazon Homecoming during the course of which Russlana's companions were set upon and wiped out by a rival clan. In the closing scene I believe that it was Saphyra who was of the opinion that it was "A Good Fight" as Russlana was carried off over the shoulder of a male member of the cast who undoubtedly was included for that sole purpose.

Now then, after you finish the second part of "GunFun: Hellfire 2", would you sit down of a rainy evening and put together the second installment of "The Wild Amazon"?
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May 12, 2019
Tommy Gunn has sent me a PDF of the latest catalogue for his Black Nylons Films ...

The preview material has not been updated at this point but the catalog should provide enticement in its own right.
I'm a bit slow on making this update as I had to give myself a refresher course in how to do it. It isn't something that I'm doing every week or so. A PDF is very simple. Just load 'n' go. Now let's see if it works!

May 10, 2019
The women are acting the part of Modern Amazons with Antaris in the role of Laura Craft.
Jane is easily recognizable but I'm having difficulty in naming the third member of the cast.
"SEMIRA" is an Amazon veteran and is named in the credits while "MIRA" is a relative new comer and it is she who is playing the role.
"Sign of the Serpent" is the title of this video and I don't know whether the line uttered by Indiana Jones, ("Snakes! It had to be snakes!") is quoted or not, but the women have their hands full battling one another. Amazon Archive

May 7, 2019
Olaf has released a pair of items for our perusal. "Initiation Skylaris" introduces a model who I haven't had the pleasure of seeing in action until this release.
It must be donning one of those masks that drives an otherwise relatively docile Amazon completely wild, wouldn't you say so?

The second item of interest is a photoset. Photosets are fine as far as they go and I confess to being guilty of capturing 'vidcaps' of favored models in favorite poses.
But by this time, Olaf could make up hundreds of photosets by mixing existing material and possibly slipping a few that were never released because they ended up on "the cutting room floor" as the expression goes. So it is kind of too bad that the model Miranis has limited her Amazonic Activities to still photography. Have Russlana teach her how to take a fall and she would be right in there with the best of them!

"Initiation Skylaris" can be found in the Warriors section of Olaf's site and "Miranis" as you may have gathered is a photoset. Amazon Archive

May 4, 2019
Olaf has posted "Human Shield" featuring Leandra in the title role.
We, or at least I, haven't seen Leandra of late and it is good to see that she is still active on the Amazon Warriors roster.
Talanis has managed to talk Leandra into fielding the arrows that come in their direction and just how she does this, I can't imagine but Amazon Loyalty is something that few if any of us have been fortunate enough to experience in our own day and age - and perhaps that's just as well. As you may well imagine, the fact that Leandra is left bristling with arrows does not save Talanis from suffering much the same fate.
This comes to us as a Titaneia Production which would indicate that it is a Custom Script.
Olaf has made the video available in the Amazon Warriors section of his site.
I've posted the promo for "Human Shield" on both the Warriors and the Titaneia menus. Amazon Archive

April 28, 2019
"GunGun ~ Hellfire - Part 1" makes its debut a day or so early according to Olaf's message. Normally I would have 4 or 5 additional photos to post here at the archive, but this time all I have is Olaf's poster. There are a good many photos available at his site and I encourage you to head over to the Amazon Warriors site and have a look. This is "GunFun" and is in the "Titaneia" section but the quickest way to locate the video is to make use of the "search" feature on Olaf's site.

Russlana is once again her rambunctious self and it was a treat to see her back taking her falls like she meant it. Which is not intended to detract anything from the efforts the other two women put into their performances. All three(?) of them did an outstanding job.

For you fellows who'd like to have the action slowed down a bit, there's a scruptious bit with Russlana toppling and sprawling in slow-motion.

When Olaf says that his GunFun videos are "bloodless", what he means is that neither he nor anyone else spent a 1/2 hour applying bullet holes and whatnot to any of his players. There is, however, blood spray when the victim takes a hit and I expect that is a computer generated effect. Quite effective and for the most part quite enough.

So, once again I regret that I have no additional photos to display but for GunFun fans who like to see the women sent sprawling in every direction, this video is a "Must". Amazon Archive

April 24, 2019
My "kid" brother was up from Virginia to pay me a visit for the week just past and so I thought it best to pull the plug on this update activity for a few days. This being the case, I find myself somewhat behind once again.
"Navel Stab Jane" was released through the Titaneia Production area and that is appropriate in that it was a Custom that Olaf and his Amazon Team attended to. I'm not often in favor of "consensual" killing of any kind as I can't quite bring myself to imagine that any would-be victim would go along with it. One thing in its favor is that you get right down to the action. I only wish that Russlana had taken an arrow or two toward the end from an off-camera witness to Jane's demise. Perhaps next time. And perhaps Jane could be induced (prompted, directed, paid even) to "arch" during her death throes in the way that Suri was noted for and became her "signature" performance.
Jane certainly has all the "qualifications" for the action.
Included with this release is a promo for Olaf's Fighting Figurines.
I don't quite know just where I could set them up else I would be tempted.

"A Cowgirl's Dream" has Thyarmis on foot in search of some of her cows that have menadered off into Amazon Territory. Thyarmis takes a break and lays down and falls asleep dreaming of what she would do were she to encounter any Amazon Warriors. It is her misfortune to be granted the opportunity. I didn't count the killings but there were a number of them and it is evident that a lot of effort went onto putting this video together.
As usual, both releases come highly recommended. Amazon Archive

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May 15,2019

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May 3,2019

Bebe Writhes in "The Rescue"
April 2,2019

Black Nylons Gallery
March 27,2019

Email Tom Gunn for Black Nylons Videos

if you use a credit card, you can send it easily via Gift Rocket to blacknylonsfilms@yahoo.com
and indicate the title in the “gift note.”

I've placed the important info right up front of this message as I don't want it to get lost in my verbiage. Tommy Gunn has really "pulled out the stops" in producing this video - if indeed he every had anything deterring him in the first place. You've got to love the expression on the killers face as she goes about her work. You'll have no idea what motivated the slaughter of the two victims but neither will you care. And when the killer gets her due toward the end of the clip, the only girl I knew of who put in more in the way of a performance writhing about on her back was "Bebe" back when Erotic Death was in production and she about 'wrote the book' on the exercise.

But I digress. Though the killer was gut-shot (as seems to happen so often these days) this video is really aimed at those of us who for one reason or other enjoy seeing the victim 'offed' by way of some sharp, pointed object.

Tommy Gunn and I email back and forth every so often and I mentioned somewhere during my rambling that I'd written of a character named Charles "Ice" Picke. The concept of an ice pick as a means of perpetrating a murder or two must have had its appeal to the Black Nylons Producer and this video is the result. It is about the most "seamless" (do they still use that term?) production you can hope to find. And when you get through counting the number of stab wounds that were inflicted, I want you to go back and count the number of camera setups and angles that it must have taken to get the job done. And we won't even mention the 'cutting and pasting' in took to bring the released work together.

I've handled a "trick knife" wherein the blade slides bacvk into the grip, and I've seen a telescoping spear in action. But an ice pick? There's no room for any sliding device there so I expect that subterfuge was employed and it was done well. Either that of they used the real thing.

Well, that's more than enough from me so now get busy and contact Tommy Gunn by either his email - or better yet by the Gift Rocket link. I seriously doubt that you will regret it!

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