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July 20,2019
Talanis inadvertently steps into "A Lonely Trap" in Olaf's latest release. To keep her from becoming too lonely she has been cast in a dual role - but I suspect that was only so that there would be the opportunity to kill her twice. No 'clones' this time as this episode takes place during the days of the ancient Amazons. The lyrics to an old song come to mind if I may paraphrase them to a certain extent: "Don't you ever shoot me once - Shoot me twice - Treat me nice!" Anyone here old enough to recall that one from Elvis? Does anyone remember Elvis these days? You needn't admit to anything. Just get on over to the Amazon Warriors section at Olaf's site and scope out this latest from Olaf and Talanis.
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July 16,2019
Olaf has released "Treasure Hunters - Part 2" which is a custom produced by Titaneia Productions but has been posted in the Modern Amazons section.
Antaris seems to be missing in this episode so I guess that her character was killed off back in the first part. With Olaf, you never can be certain as there have been times when his actors take a hard hit - only to pop right back up again in the next scene to be put down again and again. (Russlana is a master at this!) At any rate, Safo, and Thyarmis are still very much alive and well - at least at the onset of this episode. But Safo receives a 'hot tip' informing her that Thyarmis is not to be trusted so Safo sets her mind at ease by doing away with her partner. The question arises: Was Safo's 'tip' the real deal? Or was it only intended to put one of the Treasure Hunters out of the way and to throw the survivor off guard? Only the author of this script knows for certain. Amazon Archive

July 13, 2019
Olaf has posted Death in the Wild 3, the latest in the series of solo efforts put forth by 1) Raven, 2) Nemesis, and now 3) Zahray. Olaf offered a clear explanation as to why we haven't seen Zahray of late and unless Olaf has another video in which she plays a role tucked away somewhere, I don't expect that we will see her again any time soon unless someone wants her to star in a custom.

And while on the subject of Amazon Warriors who we haven't seen for some time, I'm wondering whether Suri is planning to return?
She appeared in one video after taking a year off but then there has not been another appearance since.

For now lets settle back and enjoy watching Zahray taking her shafts.
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July 9,2019
Olaf has released "Treasure Hunters - Part 1". It is a custom produced by Titaneia Productions but posted in the Modern Amazons section.
Antaris, Safo, and Thyarmis star in what you may want to think of as 'Laura Craft times 3'. As advertised, this trio will do anything for money - and I guess that's true if they're willing to risk being shot, stabbed, and strangled in pursuit of their quest. Now about the only significant difference between this production and what you would see in a Mummy Movie on Netflix is that Olaf's Lost Tombs are generally populated by live guards rather than by something that has been dead and dormant for thousands of years and has to be awakened one way or another. Olaf would probably have done a 'mummy' episode by now except that so far no one has requested one and he can't get any of his team to even pretend to be thousands of years old.
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July 7, 2019
Olaf has released "Fallen Amazons 17" which is the latest entry in this series of photosets. And if any of you think that the dead don't get up, then you should see Olaf's place at quitting time. You'll find #17 available to you right where you might expect on the top row of photosets at the Amazon Warriors site.
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July 2, 2019
It is a day short of a month that Olaf kicked off a custom video series entitled "The Perfect Couple" starring Antaris and Thyarmis. And here the duo returns in "The Perfect Couple 2" and I missed my guess because Antaris does not prove to be the 'villain' of the piece. At least not this time around. What with Morgane having departed recently, Olaf may have thought (for all of 7 seconds) that he was going to be short a Resident Killer. No way. What with all the times that Thyarmis has been slaughtered in one way or another it took no time at all for her to volunteer for the role of plugging Antaris. And plug her she does! It will be interesting to see just what they have in mind for Part 3. Olaf's ladies have a habit of reviving during the course of the video but Antaris appears to have been rather thoroughly 'demolished' this time so we will have to wait and see. You don't have to wait at all for this episode as Part 2 has been posted in the Modern Amazons section of Olaf's site.
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June 28, 2019
Counterstrike - Part 2 has the trio of Averia, Safo, and Kataya take up the action pretty much where it left off with the Amazons in what is an essentially hopeless situation. Two of her companions cover for her and by rights Averia could have made an escape but she chose not to do so. The video awaits you in the Amazon Warriors section of Olaf's site.
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June 25, 2019
"Laura Craft - Even Heroes Can Die" is the latest release from Olaf's Modern Amazons division. Talanis and Morgane star in this episode of female derring-do and from what we've been told, I guess this will be one of last opportunities to see Morgane in any new Amazon Action. And by rights this will be the last time that Talanis has the opportunity to reprise her role as Laura Craft ... But then I see that I have a 'Sarah Craft' named among the video titles. But it could be that I have it wrong. It happens every once in a while. Morgane heals Talanis of an arrow wound as she wants her in fine fettle for a sacrificial rite that she has in mind. One of my own fantasies was to be a healer of the Amazons. That way the producer would be entirely justified in knocking her down again and again while yours truly enjoyed some 'hands-on' experience - or at least as much of it as he could get away with. Good luck, Morgane! And meanwhile, we'll see you in the movies!
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June 23, 2019
Tommy Gunn, he of Blacknylons Films has released several editions of his latest catalog and Yours Truly has been working at his site all morning in order to present it to you. I have the feeling that I'm likely "Too Little, Too Late" on this as TG has posted his updates in various messages. Here at least you will have them all in one place. Blacknylons Films has been quite active of late and judging by the Coming Attractions it would appear that they will continue to be busy for the better part of the summer. So Shooters Unite and let's lend our support to Blacknylons Films. Blacknylons Films at Bucksblog

June 21, 2019
Counterstrike - Part 1 is Olaf's latest video release. The cast is a trio that includes Kataya, Averia, and Safo. Kataya is new to the Amazon Team and you might think that either Averia or Safo would tip the kid off as to what was quite apt to happen to her around here and maybe affored her the opportunity to beat a hasty retreat. But do you think that either of them would? Not a chance. The new girl is going to have to learn the hard way the same as they all did. Now with Part 1 in the title you would naturally expect that Part 2 will soon follow. It may but I'll believe it when I see it as I am still awaiting the arrival of a Part 2 or so that has yet to appear. But you never know. Counterstrike 2 may be well in hand even as we speak.
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