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Amazon Warriors

February 21,2020

It's a good thing that Olaf has a pile of pictures packed away in a shoebox somewhere
because when the times come - as they are quite likely to do - when the video production process becomes tied up in one way or another ...
Then he can put together a photoset to fall back on and that will serve to tide his fans over for a few days.
If the truth be known (for once), it is quite often that I will hit the "pause" icon when a video is playing and take a "screenshot"
by way of whatever technique is available.
And here we have it already done for us ...

"Fallen Amazons 19"

Amazon Warriors (Blog Page)

Sophie's Fantasy Art

February 20,2020

This just in!
Sophie has established a site at Gumroad.
So far she has posted ten "Gun Fun" videos.
Gumroad is rather strict about posting images of "undraped females"
so until Sophie comes up with a way to "censor" some of her photos
the models you'll find here will be "well covered".
I wish her luck and we'll see how it goes!

Sophie's Newest Outlet at Gumroad

Enjoy Your Shopping!!

February 17,2020

I don't know how it happens because I could swear (and I do) that I keep track of all of Sophie's messages ...
But here again, Sophie's post promotes three new videos and when I truck on over to her site to do the updates -
Lo and Behold! There are five (5) videos that are new-to-me rather than the three that were advertised.
So? Who's complaining? Not me! Nor you either in all probability.
Let's have a look, shall we?

Aisa the Sadist

Cintia is the Boss

Soldiers, Spies, Bullets 52

The Sociopath

Britney Snuffed

Sophie's Fantasy Art

Sophie's Fantasy Art at the "Blog"


February 19, 2020

AmFight has posted the second of the "Water of Madness" videos from his archive.
I've included the original collage of twelve pictures which I cut up for the slide shows.
I will now go back and insert the collages into each of the existing members on the index.
That way you will have the original images the latter of which are of a quality
that may serve very well as "wall papers" if you care to manufacture them.

"Water of Madness 2"

AmFight Index at the Blog

AmFight (Blog Page)

White Wolf Publications

February 18,2020

White Wolf Publications has posted "Stone Cold Orsi: (The Killing)" to his website.
I'm only a day late (and a dollar short) as the saying goes, so that isn't too bad I guess.
The Scribe over at White Wolf Publications had his poisoned pen filled with fresh blood when he came up with this scenario.
Or may be that one of the girls wrote it?
Back (way back) when I was involved in a few illicit productions, more often than not it was one of the ladies who came up with the horrific ideas.
As in, "You want us to do what?!"
Anyway, I hereby present the Wolf's collage for "Stone Cold Orsi" to decorate this message,
but bear in mind that there are several more images to peruse as well as a video preview.

"Stone Cold Orsi"

White Wolf Publications (Blog Page)

Black Nylons Films

February 15,2020

Tom Gunn has just sent me an email and I won't spent time prattling about it
because I've included his text verbatim in the slideshow promotion for
a custom video that he or his sponsor has entitled "Slide It In Slowly".
And now I'll let the producer give you an overview in the text that will appear
as soon as I get the links to function properly.

Slide It In Slowly
is now on the Black Nylons Catalogue as well as other sundry goodies ...

Direct: Email Back Nylons @ Yahoo

ClipSite: Dead Sexy Clips

Black Nylons Films at the Blog

Sexy Latin Amazons

February 14, 2020

Mayra has released a new video in time for Valentine's Day!

Hello dear friends! I am here to announce the launch of the second part of BLOODY BEACH BATTLE.
I hope you like it, you can download the video on the official website:
You can also visit the blog to see MORE photos here:

The Amazons again fight in a bloody battle trying to seize the valuable beach that their enemies defend until death.
The two armies of Amazonas are balanced and it is not known what will be the end of this battle to the death.

Blood Beach Battle - Part 2

Sexy Latin Amazons @ Buck's Blog

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February 15,2020

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