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March 19, 2019 #2

In a Lethal Cowgirls release, Russlana appears in the role of an indian chief whose followers have been wiped out leaving her as the last warrior standing.
She is determined to exact what revenge that she can in her "Last Fight of a Chief". Amazon Archive

March 19, 2019 #1
"They Die With Us" could well have been named along with others in the Temple Assault series.
Olaf's overview is so thorough that I won't make any attempt to 'enlarge' upon it.
See for yourself. If you've seen it already then have another look.
Amazon Archive

March 18, 2019 #3
In "Fight for the Spheroxon" I haven't quite figured out who was supposed to be fighting who ...
One thing that is for certain is that our premier Amazon Killer, Morgane had a regular Field Day shooting down every Amazon in sight.
Under Olaf's direction we have yet to see a "pile" quite on the order of those seen in the days of Catharsis, but there are a whole bunch of bodies left laying about at the conclusion of this episode. Amazon Archive

March 18, 2019 #2
Raven gives us a fine solo effort in "Death in the Wild". Raven has always been and will ever be a particular favorite of mine. Beides being agile and athletic, she is one of the best "agaonizers" on the Amazon Team and likely in the businss.
And Raven, I believe it was Billy Joel who said it best when he wrote, "Don't go changing to try to please me ..." And the "hook" was, "I love you just the way you are!" Amazon Archive

March 18,2019 #1
Having been in and out of the hospital several times since February has put me woefully behind on updating the Amazon Archive. I hope that I am back in action and will post them in the order that Olaf did if I can keep the all straight. br>First up is "Catain Morgane on the Amazon Island" ... And doesn't Morgane make a danday pirate! Amazon Archive

January 29, 2019
Olaf has released "Project Centurion 5" in the Modern Amazons area of his site. Centurion 4 was released through Titaneia and I almost put the wrong banner on the promo for the Amazon Archive. I see that there was a complaint of sorts lodged because these were "bloodless killings" this time around. That may be due to the fact that his crew ran out of Stage Blood as it is now toward the end of the month and a fresh batch has yet to be cooked up for what is to be produced during February. I'm kidding, of course and as usual. But when you stop to think that this is no less than the Seventh video that Olaf has released this month, I may not be too far off at that. Be that as it may, please enjoy yourselves watching Saphyra getting kicked around. Bloody wounds or not, the poor soul won't be able to hold a beer for a week what with all the holes poked in her! Amazon Archive

January 25, 2019
The arrows were flying thick and fast in Olaf's production area when the Team put "Of Jealousy and Death" together. Perhaps the arrow barrage was not as thick as it would have been during one of the Tribal Wars, but then there was considerably more plot and dialogue involved in this episode.
Since the ladies are speaking German for the most part, I find myself wondering just how closely the text that appears on the screen follows the spoken word? There is an Old Story that goes back to the Silent Film Era of a theater that was playing a melodrama to an audience all of who suffered from deafness. Now and again laughter would break out and it left the theater operator scrathing his head wondering why? His patrons may have been deaf, but they all were proficient at reading lips and when the text on the screen had the villain shouting "Curses! Foiled again!" or some such expression, the audience was quite apt to dissolve in laughter. It seemed that the dialog was more or less extemporized and what the characters called one another had little to do with what appeared on the screen.
Additionally, there is a fascinating "character study" toward the end of the video that I will leave to you to view on your own. Amazon Archive

January 22, 2019
Olaf has released "Love's Last Rest" as the latest entry in the Lethal Cowgirls area of his site. As things turned out, neither of the girls proved to be anywhere near "lethal" enough as the "Shootist" in the piece ambled away at the conclusion with nary a scratch. This episode was particulary well scripted. The audience knows what the actors are going to say and do of course, but it had a "flow" to it that was quite natural. Pariah came by to get in out of the cold and she was delighted - I guess is the word - to see the victims hit in the upper parts of their bodies. "Enough of the belly and navel shooting already!" she exclaimed. "Where I come from, you hit an Amazon in the gut and she's quite liable to live long enough to cut out your liver, take a generous bite out of it, and offer you what remains!" I couldn't help but agree with her. Pariah is not a woman that you can afford to be in disagreement with - even a little bit! Amazon Archive

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