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Virus of the Vampires Part 1: WWP1008

This is the first episode in a multipart drama created by Sophie and I. A young, brilliant virologist has been infected by a virus while vacationing. The zoonosis transforms its surviving victims into vampires. She has received secret funding to conduct research on the organism and how it affects its host. She has discovered that it has an immediate effect on telomeric maintenance, a profound effect on stem cells generation and that it leaves its victims hungry for blood. The virus also effects sexual stimulation in a way that insures its spread. She's a sensitive creature. If you caress her belly or neck too much, you'll get bit. Come watch what happens to Susanne. And you thought Ebola was the next dreaded disease.

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.

And here are some more pics of Ildiko and Susanne from Virus of the Vampires 1:


More coming soon!

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