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The Immortal: WWP1005

Being immortal is a curse in that after a while, everyone you care about dies. But you can still have a bit of fun and enjoy a few thrills. A burglar has broken into the Immortal’s home. After discovering that the owner is still home, the burglar finds her in the shower and strangles her. The burglar is caught by surprise when the Immortal confronts her minutes later very much alive. Looking for a thrill, the sneaky homeowner taunts the low life intruder to shoot her in the belly, a very sensitive spot in her personal geography. After taking pleasure in her own (temporary) demise, she is again resurrected and confronts the thief. This time the Immortal becomes the predator and the intruder suffers a lead induced and fatal navel penetration.

And here are a few pictures of our victim:

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.
And a preview can be downloaded for free at the following:

I enjoyed working with Orsi so much that I just had to sing her praises!

But that drew complaints from the neighbors, so in order to appease them
I've included these pictures of Orsi's strangulation at no extra charge!


More coming soon!

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