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The Last Woman Standing: WWP1014

Natalie is intent on killing Angie. She finds Angie at home reading and quietly approaches her for the fatal confrontation. Natalie shoots Angie in the ribs, but she doesn’t fall. She shoots her again in the chest, but Angie is one tough cookie. Instead of dropping, she rushes Natalie and tries to strangle her. Natalie fires again and puts a final bullet in Angie's gut. Apparently vanquished, Angie staggers to a chair and collapses. Feeling victorious, Natalie decides to get a drink from the kitchen/bar. She should have never turned her back on Angie unless she was positive the blonde was dead. With a last burst of energy, Angie manages to get on her feet and sneak up on Natalie. She locks her hands around Natalie's throat and strangles her. But unlike Natalie, Angie puts a final bullet in Natalie's head before collapsing and dying for real.

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.

Angie was the last one standing, but it was a pyrrhic victory.

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