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The proprietor of White Wolf Publications has asked that I include "promos" for his work here on the "Blog".
I am flattered and so hasten to comply. I use the term "hasten" loosely.
I am aged and somewhat infirm and so progress is no longer made as quickly as I would like.
To make my task easier I am following the measures I took in maintaining the "inventory"
I put together for Olaf Winter and his Amazon-Warriors site:
I am "harvesting" most of the material from a message board and in this instance the Femme Fatalities Producers' Section.
The quote that follows is from Mademoiselle Julia, a Moderator of the Fet Noir board.

"White Wolf Publications will be marketing selected short videos of an action adventure variety.
The stories are created and produced by Max5s with assistance from Sophie.
The productions focus on actresses as they play out various lethal themes,
and we hope you will find something that appeals to your tastes and the body of our work gets larger."

The source for this Search Function is Uncle Buck's entire site as its frame of reference ...
So please enter the name of a specific model/actress as viewed here from White Wolf Publications.
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Sophie and I have been working together in one form or another since 2009.
This year, Chloe has added her creativity to White Wolf Publicatons as well by doing some of the setup and filming.
We focus on good plots with shootings, stabbings and strangulations as the primary methods of demise.
We have also done quite a few vampire stories, some with a different twist on the basic theme.
You will be seeing a few series adventures including one about the assassin "Orsi Allen",
one called the "Virus of the Vampires", one called "The Feeder" and some other stuff we are still dreaming up.
I don't do any custom work, but I am always open to ideas and suggestions
(like eye shots, head shots, character development) that fit with our studio and the shooting, stabbing, strangling or vampire themes.

The Videos of White Wolf Publications

Recent Additions 2020

Dec 23 Assignment for Norrin

Dec 15 The Bullet

Dec 10 Lovers and Bikini Gunfighters

Dec 01 Counterfeit Payment

Nov 21 Are You Ready?

Nov 13 You Said You'd Never Leave Me


  1. A Poor Shot
  2. Acts of Murder
  3. Adrenaline
  4. Agony or Ecstasy
  5. An Hour to Die
  6. Analyst, The
  7. Are You Ready?
  8. Assignment for Norrin


  9. Bad Bitch Excerpts
    Free to Sophie's Members
  10. Bleed on Me
  11. Bullet, The


  12. Census Worker,The
  13. Counterfeit Payment


  14. Dead Girl Walking
  15. Death Scenes - Orsi & Diane 1
  16. Death Scenes - Orsi & Diane 2
  17. Don't Lie To Me


  18. Easy Target


  19. Farragut's Descendant
  20. Feeders 1, The
  21. Feeders 2, The
  22. Fentanyl
  23. Finish Me


  24. Good Morning


  25. Halloween Kill 2020
  26. Her Sexy Little Belly Button


  27. I Got You
  28. I Had To
  29. I Saw You Do It
  30. I Want An A
  31. I Wish I Could Believe
  32. Immortal 1, The
  33. Immortal 2, The
  34. Immortal 3, The


  35. Jealousy
  36. Jewel Collector 1, The
  37. Jewel Collector 2, The
  38. Julie's Escort
  39. Junkie, The
  40. Just Another Killer


  41. Killer Cop
  42. Killer Killed
  43. Killing the Witness


  44. Last Woman Standing
  45. Let Me Touch You
  46. Lovers and Bikini Gunfighters


  47. Nasty Suicide
  48. Nikki's Mistake
  49. Not Even In Your Dreams
  50. Not Even On the Phone


  51. The Orsi Allen Series


  52. Predator 1 & 2, The
  53. Predator 3, The
  54. Predator 4, The
  55. Press My Button
  56. Purification Ritual


  57. Quick Kills 1: Susanne


  58. Red Market, The
  59. Retired Hacker
  60. Right Killer, The


  61. Set Up, The
  62. Soft Target
  63. Stolen Diamond,The
  64. Stone Cold Orsi
  65. Stone Cold Orsi (Revenge)


  66. TV Assassin


  67. Virus of the Vampires - Part 1
  68. Virus of the Vampires - Part 2
  69. Virus of the Vampires - Part 3
  70. Virus of the Vampires - Part 4
  71. Virus of the Vampires - Part 5


  72. We're Not Lovers Anymore
  73. Who Are You?
  74. Why Are You Here?
  75. Will It Hurt?
  76. Winner Take All
  77. Wrong Girl, The


  78. Xavier Jones Contract, The


  79. You Are Fucking Dead
  80. You Are Next
  81. You Said You'd Never Leave Me

More coming soon!

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