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You Are Fucking Dead (OA 3): WWP1017

This is the third video in the Orsi Allen Adventures. Orsi has already killed Agents Angie and Diane and is after the final member of Angie's hit squad, Natalie. As the story opens Natalie is approached by the new girl, "Nikki Rojas" (Orsi's alias). She is relieved to see her and to warn her about the assassin who is after them. Orsi reveals that she is the killer and pumps a slug into Natalie's belly. Natalie staggers into her home trying to get away from Orsi, but Orsi eventually follows her inside and finishes the job by sticking her finger in Natalie’s bloody belly wound then putting a final bullet in Natalie's head. It’s all bloody amusing to Orsi, but an agonizing death for poor Natalie.

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.
And a preview can be downloaded for free at the following:


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