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Why Are You Here 6/17/2020

Laura stabbed and sadistically tormented by Chrissy

Chrissy has been conducting a murder investigation, and she has finally figured out who the killer is. She’s not sure she has the evidence she needs to get a conviction, but that has never stopped her from extracting her own form of justice. The killer is Laura, and Chrissy is torn between killing her outright or having sex with her first. Laura can see Chrissy’s weakness and exploits it for all it’s worth. She know if she can distract Chrissy long enough to get to her hidden pistol, she can win the game. Laura lifts up her blouse to show Chrissy what she can have, and Chrissy takes the bait. They both lose a lot of clothing, but when Laura goes for her gun, Chrissy beats her to the trigger. Laura gets one in the belly button, and the bullet is exciting her as it kills her. Chrissy makes sure Laura gets one final, deadly orgasm and she pumps her finger up and down in the wound. When Laura dies, justice is done, but Chrissy is not quite satiated.

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