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"The Immortal 2" 7/3/2020

Naked babes Orsi and Nikki are strangled (Orsi) and shot in the belly and head respectively (Nikki)

Orsi returns as the Immortal. In this episode she intentionally places herself in the clutches of a serial killer, Nikki, who hooks up with young women then murders them while making love to them. Nikki and Orsi return to Orsi's home after hooking up at the beach. They quickly make their way to the bedroom. As things get intense, Orsi tells Nikki that she knows all about Nikki's murderous ways and sets herself up to be a victim. Nikki quickly takes command and strangles Orsi with her bikini top while telling Orsi how much she enjoys the bodies of her victims before, during and after killing them. As Nikki enjoys the darkest side of her passion Orsi comes back to life. It is revealed that Orsi is immortal and the penalty for killing Orsi is death. Nikki gets a painful shot at her bikini line a few inches directly below her navel then a final shot between the eyes and left naked and dead on Orsi's bed.

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