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The Census Worker 6/9/2020 Only $8.00

Laura is strangled and stripped, then Chrissy gets a bullet in the forehead.

Chrissy has been hired to kill Laura. Chrissy poses as a census worker in order to get Laura to invite her into her home. After asking Laura a few questions, Chrissy pretends to have an upset stomach and asks to use the bathroom. Laura is sympathetic and tells her where the toilet is. Chrissy takes her purse and heads down the hall. She stops, removes her boots and takes a stocking out of her purse. She sneaks up behind Laura and strangles her. Chrissy is envious of Laura’s clothes so she strips her naked and places her shoes and other items in a bag. She still has some time and can’t resist the temptation to enjoy Laura’s body. She kisses and fondles Laura with great appreciation, but when she gets ready to leave, she is confronted by Nikki, one of Laura’s roommates. Chrissy gets a bullet in the forehead, and we can only guess what Nikki will do to her next.

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The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.


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