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It's October, so I'll be posting a number of videos with witch and vampire themes. Halloween is right around the corner.

Purification Ritual: WWP1030

Ildiko, a young witch, has learned that she must undergo a purification ritual or face death. The ritual allows her to increase and better utilize her magic powers. At first she resists out of fear, but after realizing she can’t escape, she consents. Orsi instructs her in the method of ritual suicide, a process where Ildiko must stab herself through the navel. She experiences pain at first, then pleasure, followed by death and revitalization. Once purified, she ready to enjoy the lustful advances of her new mentors, Orsi and Gaby.

A preview can be downloaded for free at the following:

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.


More coming soon!

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