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Press My Button: WWP1006

The video, “Press My Button”, is the first of many I plan to release. You can watch a preview that will be available for a limited amount of time by following the link below. The preview uses some narrower focusing than the actual video to make the preview itself less useful to pirates, while at the same time giving you a better idea about its content than just photos. I hope some of you will enjoy it.

An assassin has been knocking off the female agents in a secret organization. One of the remaining officers is with her girlfriend and both worried and intrigued by the possibility of becoming the next victim. Fantasy overtakes fear as she imagines the assassin coming to press her button; the one in the middle of her belly.

A Preview is available for this video at Mediafire

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie’s Fantasy Art.


More coming soon!

Sophie's Fantasy Art


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