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Not Even On the Phone (Phone Snuff) 5/15/2020

We are introducing a new model this week. Her name is Laura.

After killing Orsi for dreaming about other girls, Nikki is back with a new lover. While sheltering in place due to the Coronavirus, Nikki and Laura are running low on cash. Laura has become a member of a new service called "Phone Snuff" where she participates in customer snuff fantasies using her cellphone. Nikki gets frustrated because Laura chooses to work rather than have sex with her. But Nikki has a new app for her phone that allows her to convert another's phone into a powerful stun gun. As Laura engages in her new profession, Nikki gives her what she believes is a fatal shock. She removes Laura's clothes and starts playing out her own snuff fantasy with Laura's body. Nikki is taken back when Laura regains consciousness and confronts her about the fact that they are both nude. Momentarily feeling threatened, Nikki stabs Laura in the belly, but the sight of blood unleashes Nikki's lust and Nikki gets really turned on as she twists the knife in Laura's gut. When you're Nikki's girl, you’re all Nikki's until death do you part. Just ask Orsi and Laura (if they were still alive).

A free video preview can be downloaded here:
Preview: Not Even on the Phone

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.


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