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Title: Nikki's Mistake (Orsi Allen Episode 6) 10/2/2020

The killing continues in the 6th episode of the Orsi Allen series. Nikki thinks she has discovered who Orsi Allen is. She has something Orsi wants and the two have agreed to meet. When Nikki reaches into her coat to retrieve the item, she pulls out a gun instead and shoots Orsi twice in the chest. Orsi goes down and Nikki leaves. Unfortunately for Nikki, she was using a subsonic .22 pistol and the bullets barely penetrated Orsi’s heavy jacket. She was bruised, but not seriously hurt. After she recovers from the surprise, Orsi tracks Nikki down for a fatal confrontation. Orsi proves she's a sadist by putting a bullet in Nikki's navel, then tortures her by sticking her finger in the wound. After toying with Nikki, Orsi puts a bullet in Nikki's forehead and leaves her naked on the floor.

Here is a preview video: Preview Nikki's Mistake

This video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.


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