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Nasty Suicide: WWP1004

Similar to the iconic dance instructions to “Time Warp”, it’s just a stab to the middle and a slash to the right. Simple, but it can go dramatically wrong. A young woman has agreed to a ritual suicide in order to preserve her family’s honor. She bares her belly, kneels down and takes the knife in her hand. So far, so good. She states her intent, raises the blade and drives it hard into her abdomen just below her navel. The pain is intense, but instead of finishing the job, she pulls the knife out. Incensed by her failure, her two sisters enter to recover what honor they can. One takes the knife savagely jams it hard into the suffering woman’s belly button. Her eyes bulge out with the new source of agony. Mortally wounded, the knife is withdrawn, and the victim is left to die very slowly in misery.

A Preview is available at Mediafire

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.


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