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I Wish I Could Believe: WWP1028

Chrissy is in love with Orsi but can’t overcome her jealousy. After a romantic evening, Chrissy wakes up happy, but her lust is not quite satisfied and she tries to coax Orsi into another round of love making. Ever pragmatic, Orsi reminds Chrissy that she needs to go to work and she (Orsi) wants to get a nice spot on the beach before it gets crowded. This angers Chrissy, and she immediately concludes that Orsi wants to score with any beach bunny she finds appealing and willing. While Orsi is putting on her bikini, Chrissy grabs a gun. Orsi get one in the chest and another in the belly then is left to die slowly. Orsi lingers longer than expected, and when Chrissy returns from the bathroom she meets her own fate when Orsi drills her through the heart.

Death Stares


A Preview is available at Mediafire

The video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.


More coming soon!

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