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Dead Girl Walking: 2/6/2020

Ildiko, a deadly assassin, is brought out of a sedated state by Orsi so that she can complete a mission.
Her target is Chloe, the daughter of an important man. Chloe is being protected by Gaby, a rather surly bodyguard.
Ildiko jams a knife under Gaby’s chin then confronts Chloe.
She pumps a slug into Chloe’s belly and torments her as she slowly dies from her gut wound.
When Ildiko returns to base, she refuses sedation and kills Orsi.
As she prepares to make her escape, Sophie enters the room and gives Ildiko a taste of her own medicine by pumping a slug into Ildiko’s belly button.
In total, four lovely ladies meet their bloody ends.

Chloe gets the finger.

2 I love black, red and skin tones. Ildiko braces for a gut shot.

3 And don't miss this previously released bloodletter "Bleed on Me".

A preview can be downloaded for free at the following: Preview "Dead Girl Walking"

This video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.


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