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Title: The Bullet

Ildiko and Chrissy are lying in bed talking about their shared navel fetishes when Susanne arrives. She has been hired by Chrissy's ex-lover to kill poor Chrissy. She orders the pair into the bathroom and proceeds to shoot Chrissy in the bellybutton as Ildiko watches. Susanne can't leave any witnesses, so the jig is up for Ildiko, too. Susanne has overheard Chrissy and Ildiko talking about their fetish and lets Ildiko know she will be plugged exactly where she “wants it”. Once the gals are shot, Susanne takes sadistic pleasure in removing the fatal bullets from their navels with her bare fingers. What a delightful mess.

A free video preview can be downloaded here: Preview "The Bullet"

This video can be purchased at the Nicheclips store, Sophie's Fantasy Art.


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