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Sophie has graciously granted me permission to post material from her site to build what I hope will become another archive here at the blog.

The videos in Sophies Fantasy Art site are basically in two groups that require separate memberships to gain access.

The GFG section is where most of the videos contains Shooting and Stabbing will be found while
the GSG section is where fans of Asphyiation in all manner of ways and means are most likely to find that which will assuage their appetite.

Now then the only way I've found to make this index work is to:

1. Locate and take note of the title(s) you'd like to download
2. Go to Sophie's site and use the Search function there

I've tried it out and it seems to work well.

Sophie's Fantasy Art Menu

Latest July 2, 2019

The source for this Search Function is Uncle Buck's entire site as its frame of reference ...
So please enter the name of a specific model/actress on Sophie's Fantasy Art site.
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GFG Members

~ 111 Titles ~
By my count - Could be off, but not by much.
Latest Update: May 18, 2019

GSG Members

~ 43 Titles ~
By my count - Could be off, but not by much.
This section entirely reorganized and up to date as of April 14.
Now I will have to see whether I can keep up with Sophie's updates!

Sherry Howard Diaries

Sophie has initiated a new section on her PPV Video site.
There are three entries so far. And this trio of videos have the look of All New Material, wouldn't you say?
(I was in hopes that by this time Natalie would have put in an appearance but it would seem that the lady has "retired"? Too bad if she has :(


Starting on April 16, the Amazons section will be added to extensively.
And since the Amazons are given to stabbing one another with one thing or another,
videos listed here will also appear on the Stabbing section of this archive.
May 14 - Section is complete for now.


May 14 - Update: "The Arrow Shooter"


~ 483 Titles ~ April 13, 2019
1st pass complete using sort at Sophie's site
Verification forthcoming


~ 29 Titles ~


~ 745 Titles ~ April 11, 2019
1st pass complete using sort at Sophie's site
Verification forthcoming


~ 553 Titles ~ April 12, 2019
1st pass complete using sort at Sophie's site
Verification forthcoming

Shooting & Stabbing

~ 38 Titles ~
as of January 29 @ 4:45 PM


~ 7 Titles ~

Mixed Mayhem

September 3rd Update to this index was to the letter "S" which is now complete at this point. More fresh photos for your preusing pleasure!
The titles in gold are 'Coming Attractions' - This involves the most keying so I wanted to get the index updated first.
The titles in white are 'live' but I'm not sure that they belong on this index - Things will get sorted out - Eventually I guess


~ 6 Titles ~

Wrestling / Kick Boxing

~ 8 Titles ~


~ 15 Titles ~

Costume / Lingerie

~ 43 Titles ~

Sophie's Fantasy Art Models

~ 14 Ladies ~

Sophie's Video Locations

http://www.sophiesfantasyart.com/ (only PPV videos)



http://genrevideos.com/store/sophies-fantasy-art/ (only PPV videos)



Enjoy Your Shopping!!

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Sophie's Fantasy Art "Extras"

~ 16 Entries ~
So far!

More coming soon!




Sophie's Fantasy Art

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