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A Message to Everyone.

I received an email from Mayra Divine, the proprietor Of the Sexy Latin Amazon site
and all that is entailed in producing the finished videos that we enjoy.

Now ordinarily I'm delighted to receive emails from nearly anyone - and women in particular.
But, unfortunately, such was not to be the case this time.

Mayra was turning to me in some desperation I expect, to see whether I could suggest ways for SLA to boost sales activity.

Now as to the reasons that I find that "distressing" ...
The first is that I don't care to see any producer,
particularly "my producers" whose efforts I attempt to promote at Buck's Blog have any difficulty along these lines ...
And the second is that I have no immediate answer for her - be it glib or otherwise.

When we come right down to it I do not in fact "sell" anything.
I simply present what the producer has mades available to 'We, the Puchasing Public' and the product the "sells itself".

So people, what am I to tell Mayra?
I am looking for practical suggestions on her behalf ...
I will "field" anything by way of response and pass it along to Mayra.
And I've included her email address somewhere at the top of this page so that you may contact her directly.

What follows are links to some of the trailers for the videos that are available at Mayra's Sexy Latin Amazon site.

Sexy Latin Amazon Blogspot

Prisoner-2 Revenge


Prisoner 1

End of Battle 2


End of Battle

Fallen Amazons

The Kidnapping Part 1

Blood Beach Battle - 2

Strikes to Valkiria's Base

Mafia War

Mafia War: Lethal Assassin 1

Mafia War: Bikini War 1

Mission Accomplished

Bloody Beach Invasion

Foxxy Command: Sniper Part 1

Foxxy Command: Sniper Part 2

Foxxy Command: Sniper Part 3

Foxxy Command: Attack & Defense

Foxxy Command: Annihilation Team

Foxxy Command: The Warehouse

Foxxy Command: Valkyria Project 1

The Rescue

Iris The Invincible Amazon Warrior

Amazons: Bloody Beach Battle

Amazons Tournament 1

The Amazons Village Attack Part 1

The Amazons Village Attack Part 2

The Bloody Battlefield

The Archers of Death

Unfaithful Girl

Criminal Girls

Mayra participates in a quick presentation

Mafia War Dancing Girls

The Making of a SLA Video

Amazon Warriors Advance (Nice Snapshots Here!)

Mafia War - Behind the Scenes

Advance (Peru - Nice Sword Snapshots!)

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