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As you might gather from the title, this index is a listing of everything Pontus Media has produced to date.

Arranged more or less alphabetically, the text beneath a title indicates the area in which that video or photoset resides.

It began as a project "work document" and has taken on a life of it's own. I find it useful. I hope you will too.

Pontus Media Productions Titles


Amazon Message Archive Index

2 Against 1
2 Against 2
2 Against 3


A Bloody Day
A Bloody Plan
A Deadly Trap
A Favorite's Demise
A Glorious Fight
A Glorious Victory
A New Threat
A Pleasure For the Queen
A Rotten Place
A Scalp To Die For
A Warriors Fate
A Warrior's Quest
A Worthy Foe
Abandoned Spies
Achillies vs Penthesilea Part 1
Achillies vs Penthesilea Part 2
Acquaintance With the Whip
Agent Antaris' Revenge Part 1
Agent Antaris' Revenge Part 2
Agent Leandra: Infiltration
Agent Raven Mission 001
Agent Raven Too Cool To Die
Agent Saphyra Bulletproof
Agent Saphyra: Clone Force 1
Agent Saphyra: Clone Force 2
Agent Saphyra: Over My Dead Body
Agent Saphyra: Over My Dead Body 2
Agent Saphyra: Price For Silence
Agent Saphyra: Showdown in the Warehouse
Agent Saphyra: You Better Learn to Shut Up
Agent Shemina: On Her Own
Agent Suri: Fatal Trap
Agent Talanis Betrayed
Agent Talanis: Deadly Promotion
Agent Talanis: Failed Rescue
Agent Talanis: Safe Cracker
All In Vain
Amathea's Message
Amazon Blood Ritual
Amazon Chase
Amazon Funerals
Amazon Hunter 1,The
Amazon Hunter 2,The
Amazon Hunter 3, The
Amazon Hunter 4, The
Amazon Hunter 5, The
Amazon Love
Amazon Sniper
Amazon Thriathlon
Amazons - Killed in Action 1
Amazons - Killed in Action 2
Amazons vs. Barbarians Part 1
Amazons vs. Barbarians Part 2
Ambitious Plans
An Act of Barbarism
An Amazon's Nightmare
An Amazon's Nightmare 2
An Amazon's Nightmare 3
An Amazon's Nightmare 4
An Amazon's Nightmare 5
An Amazon's Nightmare 6
An Amazon's Nightmare 7
An Arrow For Samaris
An Open Bill
Ancient Rites
Archer Duel
Archer Duel 2
Archer Duel 4
Archer Duel 5
Archer Duel 6
Archer's End
Archer's War
Arena - Death or Glory,The
Arena Knife Fight
Arena Shooting Support
Arrow Shootout 1
Arrow Shootout 2
Arrow Shootout 3
Assassin's Breed
At the Front Line
Attack of the Clone Spies
Attack of the Clone Spies-Part 2
Attack of the Leikh-Shaar
Attack of the Leikh-Shaar 2
Awakening Bloodthirst

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Bad Deal
Barbarian Ambush
Barbarian Raiders - Part 1
Barbarian Raiders - Part 2
Baroness Mankiller
Battle of the Cave Women Part 1
Battle of the Cave Women Part 2
Battle, The
Belly Maniac,The
Berserk, The
Bikini Combat 1
Black Leather
Black Viper
Blade Dance 1
Blade Dance 2
Bleed Them To Death
Blood Bond Victim
Bloodfeast of Thalenia
Bloodfight 1
Bloodfight 2
Bloodfight 3
Bloodfight 4
Bloodfight 6
Bloodfight 7
Bloodfight 8
Blood Gold
Bloodsoaked Prairie
Bloody Water
Bloodthirsty Slayer
Bodyguard, The
Border Conflict
Border Patrol
Bound to Fight
Bounty Hunter 1
Bounty Hunter 2
Bounty Hunters
Brave Amazons
Broken Defense
Broken Resistance
Bullet Storm
Burned Down

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Cabecas Brancas
Call For Reinforcement
Call of the Goddess 1
Call of the Goddess 2
Call of the Goddess-3
Cannibal Ambush

February 2019
Captain Morgane on the Amazon Island

Captive, The
Capture the Flag Part 1
Capture the Flag Part 2
Cat Burglar 1
Cat Burglar 2
Catfight Series: Antaris vs. Saphyra
Catfight Series: Saphyra vs. Averia
Catfight Series: Suri vs. Jane
Cavalry vs. Footwoman
Centurion Test Report 1
Change of Power Part 1
Change of Power Part 2
Clash of Legends
Clash of Powers
Close Combat
Colt of Misery,The
Condemned, The
Corrupt Cop,The
Corrupt Cop 2,The
Countess Bloodhory
Courtyard Carnage
Cream Party
Crime Scene
Cruel Fate
Cruel Hunter
Cruel Punishment Part 1
Cruel Punishment Part 2
Cut Down

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Dancing Oracle
Dancing Redskin,The
Dangerous Greed
Dangerous Trails
Dark Empress, The
Daydreams 1
Daydreams 2
Daydreams 3
Dead Agent's Feet
Dead Feet
Dead Meet
Deadly Lesson
Deadly Rain
Deadly Shafts
Deadly Trident
Deal Gone Bad
Death Comes Quietly
Death Cult of Tundala
Death Decision Day
Death Desire - Preparation
Death Desire - The Fight
Death Duel

February 2019
Death in the Wild

Death of a Champion
Death of a Queen
Death of an Amazon
Death Pool
Death Seekers
Death To Rebels
Deep in the Woods
Defiled Infiltrator
Desperate Fight
Diary of a Nymph Part 1
Diary of a Nymph Part 2
Die Slowly
Disobedient Slaves
Dispatch the Guard
Don't Wake the Lion
Double Arrow
Double Feature
Downfall of the Leikh-Shaar

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Easy Targets
El Rio Cruento
Elixir of Life
Evil Priestess,The Part 1
Evil Priestess,The Part 2
Evil Priestess,The Part 3
Evil Priestess - Vengeance,The
Evil Priestess - Vengeance 2,The
Executor of Ares
Expect the Unexpected
Expedition Failed
Expendable Warriors

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Face to Face
Failed Attack
Fall of an Amazon-The Price of Betrayal
Fall of an Amazon-Fighting and Dying
Fallen Amazons 1
Fallen Amazons 2
Fallen Amazons 3
Fallen Amazons 4
Fallen Amazons 5
Fallen Amazons 6
Fallen Amazons 7
Fallen Amazons 8
Fallen Amazons 9
Fallen Amazons 10
Fallen Amazons 11
Fallen Amazons 12
Fallen Amazons 13
Fallen Amazons 14

January 18, 2019
Fallen Amazons 15

Fallen Amazons-Dead Feet
Fantasy Shootout
Fantasy Shootout 2
Fantasy Shootout 3
Fantasy Shootout 4
Farewell My Friend
Fatal Advice
Fatal Desire
Fatal Failed Negotiation
Fatal Journey
Fate of a Princess,The
Feathered Death
Female Fighters
Femmetroopers: Butcher Hill,The
Femmetroopers: Certain Death,The
Femmetroopers: Enemy Soil
Femmetroopers: Final Mission
Femmetroopers: Killed in Action
Fight For Freedom
Fight For Honor

February 2019
Fight For the Spheroxon - Part 1

Fight Night - Death Pride
Fightclub Deadly Lesson
Fightclub Homicide
Fightclub Homicide 2
Fightclub Series Round 3, The
Fightclub Series Round 4, The
Fighting For Her Life
Fighting Mia
Fistfight Lunatics
For the Queen's Pleasure
Forced Entry
Forest Girl
Forgive Me
From Disco to Death

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Gangsters Gunfun
Gladiatrix Arena 3
Gladiatrix Arena 4
Gladiatrix Arena 5
Gladiatrix Arena 6
Gladiatrix Arena 7
Gladiatrix Arena 8
Gladiatrix Arena 9
Gladiatrix Arena 10
Gladiatrix Arena 11
Gladiatrix Arena 12
Gladiatrix Arena 13
Gladiatrix Arena 14
Gladiatrix Arena 15
Gladiatrix Arena 16
Gladiatrix Arena 17
Gladiatrix Arena 18
Gladiatrix Arena 19
Gladiatrix Arena 20
Gladiatrix Arena 1
Gladiatrix Arena 2
Gladiatrix Arena 7
Gladiatrix Arena 8
Gladiatrix Arena 12
Gladiatrix Arena 14
Gladiatrix Tournament 1
Gladiatrix Tournament 2
Gladiatrix Tournament 3
Great Favor,The
Greed Kills All
Greed Kills All - Part 2
Greed Kills All 3
Goddess of Blood, The
Gunfun-Apocalypse 1
Gunfun-Apocalypse 2
Gunfun Bad Loser
Gunfun Disaster
Gunfun Happy Trigger
Gunfun Inferno
Gunfun Mayhem Part 1
Gunfun Mayhem Part 2
Gunfun Mayhem Part 3
Gunfun Rings of Power
Gunfun Shootout 1
Gunfun Shootout 2
Gunfun Shootout 3

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Hades The Soultaker
Hard Nipples
Harem Girl
Harem Girl 2
Hasty Conclusion
Hazardous Mission
Heart of a Tiger
Heartless Amazons Part 1
Heartless Amazons Part 2
Heartless Amazons Part 3
Heavy Attack
Her First Fight
Heroes Die Alone
Heroic Warrior
Hit and Run
Honolulu Death Bikini
Honorable Death
Hot Amazons
Hot Lead
Hunt For the Spheroxon
Hunted Down
Hunted Hunter
Hunted Hunter, The
Hunter's Competition
Hunting Prey

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Immortal Friendship
Immortal Friendship 2
In the Lion's Den
Infiltration of the Amazon Army 1
Infiltration of the Amazon Army 2
Initiation Ritual
Into Death

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Jealous Rival
Julliette's Demise
Juliettte's Nightmare
Jungle Guns
Just a Pawn

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Kill Bill
Kill First Ask Later
Killed By Cowards
Killed By Lover
Killer in the Ruins
Killer in the Ruins 2
Killing Fields
Kiss of Death,The

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La Mort Cruelle
Landing Place of the Gods Part 1
Landing Place of the Gods Part 2
Last Arrow
Last Blood
Last Blood 2
Last Defender

Feruary 2019
Last Fight of a Chief

Last Fortification,The
Last Goodbye
Last Line of Defense
Last One
Last Stand,The
Lara C. and the Cave of Pain
Laura Craft and the Temple of Death
Leikh-Shaar-Bush Mask Massacre
Leikh-Shaar-Evil Brood
Leikh-Shaar-Kill 'Em All
Leikh-Shaar-Masks of Death
Leikh-Shaar-Never Feel Safe
Leikh-Shaar-Perverted Killers
Leikh-Sharr-Ready to Strike
Lesbian Amazons
Lesser Evil
Let Me Go
Let Them Flee To Die
Like A Rock
Lithic Demon,The
Long Way to Death
Look For Shelter
Lost Companion
Lost in the Jungle
Lost Scenes 2011
Lost Scenes 2015
Love and Death

January 22, 2019
Love's Last Rest

Lust For Gold, The

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Magic of Eternal Life
Manifesto of the Sword
March of the Doomed
Massacre in the Green Hell
Massacre in the Green Hell Part 2
Massive Attack 1
Massive Attack 2
Melena's Dance
Messenger of the Queen
Mia Mane 1: The Blood Diamond
Mia Mane 2: Peril in Amazonia
Mia Mane 3: War in Amazonia
Mission Accomplished
Mission Failed
Mission Kamikaze
Mission Terminated
Mistress and Slave
Mistress-Slayer of the Slaves, The
More Than Expected
Mounted Amazon
Murderous Commando
Murderous Commando Part 2
Mutual Impalement

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Navel Execution
Navel Game,The
Navel Game 2
Navel Game 3
Navel Game 4
Navel Spear
Navel Stab 1
Navel Stab 2
Navel Stab 3
Navel Stab Topless
Nemesis Bellyshot
Never Get Captured
Never Give Up
Never Turn Your Back
The New Queen-Part 1
The New Queen-Part 2
The New Queen-Part 3
The New Queen-Part 4
New Sentry
Nightly Assault
Nikki Rises
No Confidants
No Escape - Death Awaits
No Match For Bullets
No Place For Emotions
Norana 1: Deathtrap
Norana-2: Creek Massacre

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January 25, 2019
Of Jealousy and Death

Office Execution
Office Shot Executed & Killed By Lover
On Enemy Ground
On the Hunt
Once She Was My Foe
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time - Part 2
Open War
Out of Control
Out of the Dark
Over and Done

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Palesfaces-On Foreign Ground
Pat'La Birth of a Legend
Pat'La Mistress of Perdition
Path of Glory, The
Pawn Kills Knight
Persevering Death
Phantom Warrior
Phantom Warrior-The Beginning
Phytias-Death at Dawn The
Phytias-Warriors & Priests,The
Pinned to the Pole
Pluto's Amazon Battle 1
Pluto's Amazon Battle 2
Poisoned Arrows
Poses Collection 1
Poses Collection 2
Prayer of Death
Price of Betrayal
Price of Bravery,The
Prisoner's Doom
Private War
Project Centurion

January 14, 2019
Project Centurion 4

January 29, 2019
Project Centurion 5

Proving Skills
Punishment of the Gods

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Queen's Bodyguard 1,The
Queen's Bodyguard 2,The
Queen's Bodyguard 3,The
Queen's Bodyguard 4,The
Queen's Bodyguard 5,The
Quick and Easy

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Raiders of the Forgotten Tomb
Raiders of the Forgotten Tomb - Part 2
Rebel Execution
Rebel Hunters
Rebellion: Part 1 Death of a Traitor
Rebellion 1, The (alternate edit)
Redskin's Revenge
Revenge of the Leikh-Shaar
Rings of Power
Rivals to Death 1
Rivals to Death 2
Royal Ambassadress,The
Rumble in the Jungle
Run, My Sister!
Runaway Princess
Ruthless Warfare

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Sacrifice (Shemina)
Sacrifice For Hecate
Sacrifice (Mia)
Sai Dagger Ritual

January 2, 2019
Saphyra Belly-Shot

Saphyra's Revenge
Sarah Croft and the Temple of the Amazons
Saramis-Ambushed & Killed
Saramis - Leader Without An Army
Scalp Hunters
Scalp Hunters 2
Scalp Hunters on the Ghost Planet
Screenshot Collection #4
Secret of Pier 11, The
Secret of Pier 11 Part 2,The
Servant of Fire,The
Shemina: Solo Attack Part 1
Shemina: Solo Attack Part 2
The Sheriff
Shoot the Girls
Short Victory
Shot on the Run
Silent Death
Silent Escape
Skirmish in the Woods
Slave Traders
Sleepy Girls
Sneak Attack
Society of the Rose,The
Spy Games Part 1
Spy Games Part 2
Spy Games Part 3
Spy Games Part 4
Stay the Course
Stranger in a Strange Land
Stubborn Warrior
Sudden Death
Suicide Mission
Suicide Ritual
Super Soldiers-Antaris
Super Soldiers-Antaris Part 2
Surprize Attack
Surrender is No Option
Surrender or Die
Sweet Revenge
Sweet Taste of Victory
Sword Fun 1
Sword Fun 2
Sword Fun 3

January 8, 2019
Sword Fun 4

Sword vs Spear
Swordmaiden vs. Archers

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Take Your Prey
Talanis The Brave Warrior 1
Talanis The Brave Warrior 2
Talanis The Brave Warrior 3
Talanis The Loyal Agent
Tales From The Arena 1
Tales From The Arena 2
Tales From The Arena 3
Tales From The Arena 4
Tales of Bravery
Tales of Bravery 2
Tales of Bravery 3
Tales of Bravery 4
Tarzana Navel Shot
Tax Evasion
Technical Advance
Temple Assault 1
Temple Assault 2
Temple Assault 3
Temple Assault 4
Temple Assault 5
Temple Assault 6
Temple of the Immortal
Temple of the Immortal 2
Temple of the Immortal 3
Temple Siege
Temple Wars
Their Bones for the Vultures

February 2019
They Die With Us

They Fought Like Amazons
Thirsty Warrior
Three Queens
Three Queens Part 2
Three Queens Part 3
Through Enemy Lines
Thrown to the Wolves
Time Travellers
To Bleed and Die
Together Forever
Too Late
Topless Shootout
Tough Girls Don't Cry
Tournament 2010
Tournament 2017
Traitor-She Deserves To Die!,The
Tribal War 1
Tribal War 2
Tribal War 3
Tribal War 4
Tribal War 5-The Parley
Tribal War 6
Tribal War 7
Tribal War 8
Tribal War 9
Tribal War 11-An Ode For Bloodshed
Tribal War 12-Death Toll Rising
Tribal War 13-The Walls of Themiskyra
Tribal War 14-Barbarians!
Tribal War 15 - Storm the Temple!
Tribal War 16
Tribal War Posters #1-11
Tribal War-Warmongers
Triple Death Mia
Triple Stab
Triumph & Demise

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Ultimate Gladiatrix
Unavoidable Fight
Undercover Hitwomen
Unexpected Guest
Unexpected Resistance
Uninvited Visitors
Unperfect Deal
Until the End
Useless Flight

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Vanquished Warriors 2
Vanquished Warriors 3
Vanquished Warriors 4
Vanquished Warriors 5
Vanquished Warriors Vol. 4
Various Death Poses
Vicious Weapons
Victims of War
Virtual Fatalities
Visiting Mia

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Wallpapers 2016
War Queen Part 1,The
War Queen Part 2,The
Warriors By Passion
Watch Out For Arrows!
Way of the Warrior
We Have a New Leader
White Town of the Damned,The
Wicked Game
Wild Amazon 1
Will to Survive
Wipeout-No Mercy At All
With Bare Hands
With Honor and Pride
Wrath of the Redskins
Wrong Way

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Yellow Stones
You'll Never Know
You Can't Hide

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