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Olaf Approves of Amazon Archive!

You can imagine how pleased I was to fetch Olaf's reaction to the Amazon Message Archive!
As you can see, I have retained it along with these other pearls ...

NuclearWinter Location: Germany Posted: Feb Tue 13, 2018 5:08 am

I really admire the hell of work you´ve put into this!
It´s not less than a full catalogue of all my movies, assorted by category and in alphabetical order.
Also there are some extra galleries to explore!

To all others:
Buck used my preview posters and original screenshots and thus he saves them from getting lost in the depths of the board.
It gives a good overview about my movies, especially for those of you who are still hesitating to create your own account.

Very Happy

(clapping clapping)

Thank you, Mr. Winter!

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