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Tax Evasion

And hereīs the 2nd part of our custom shoot with Talanis and Russlana:

Spears through the belly, stripping of boots and bra, a lot of suffering crowned by a spectacular death under the spiked gate
performed by our great Talanis...who is supported by one of our hottest villain actresses...
Yep, I really liked this script! ;-)

"Russlana is called to the queenīs leading tax collector.
She has to explain why her village hasnīt paid the tribute to the realm.
She begs for mercy, as they are too poor to pay, but Talanis stands firm.
She tells Russlana that her village is of no use for the queen if they canīt pay..."

Producer: TITANEIA Customs Time: 07:02 Full HD JUL 2017


Keywords: amazons, topless, spear, impale, belly, chest, gate, boots, stripping, bare feet

Have fun!
Olaf & Team

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