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Talanis - The Loyal Agent

For everyone who hasn´t noticed yet:
TALANIS is back on stage and available for custom shoots.
But I have to warn you: This girl causes serious addiction!
Here´s her new masterpiece for you:
"TALANIS is a very loyal agent.
She´s called to the briefing room and gets her orders for a dangerous mission.
She has to infiltrate the enemy´s security system to keep the doors open for the combat team.
But something goes terribly wrong...
She tries to use her most effective weapons: Firm breasts and a cute smile, but as this doesn´t work she also show she´s able to use a gun!
Will she survive long enough to fulfill her mission...?"

Producer: TITANEIA Customs Time: 13:47 Full HD JAN 2016

Starring TALANIS

Keywords: modern, gun, jeans, knife, stabbing, navel, shooting, belly, breast, bare feet

Have fun!
Olaf & Team
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