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Agent Talanis - Betrayed

Here´s another custom production featuring our gorgeous TALANIS in one of her favourite roles:
"She´s a tough bodyguard and just coming back from a secret negotiation with a rival gang...
Something went wrong and Leandra, her boss, is pretty upset.
But now they are safe again and try to calm down,
even getting relaxed enough for some erotic playing with each other...
Suddenly a red dot appears on Leandra's head, and Talanis switches back to duty, catching the bullet of a sniper in her navel!
Both girls shoot back, but the sniper doesn´t show up...so it´s a fight against shadows!
Talanis gets hit several times in her breast and belly, and finally agrees to sacrifice herself to give Leandra a chance to escape.
But will Leandra prove to be worth that high price...?"

Producer: TITANEIA Customs Time: 11:55 Full HD JUL 2016

Starring: TALANIS, and LEANDRA

Keywords: modern, topless, leather, jeans, guns, shooting, multiple, belly, navel, bare feet

Have fun!
Olaf & Team
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