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New Queen - Part 4

Finally here´s the final chapter of the "NEW QUEEN" series!
This whole production was a custom, and actually it should have ended after part 3...
But I found it a waste to have 2 stunnigly beautiful girls on set and let both survive at the end...

So I took the liberty to add a final part where both, the old and the new queen, will meet their unavoidable fate...
Russlana has punched the hell out of Talanis´ belly in part 1-3...
Now she wants to finish her off!
She carries her to the torture chamber and ties her up with arms over head.
She starts to play with her helpless victim...but Talanis is still holding an ace!

Contains: belly stabbing, breast stabbing, arrows to the belly, back and chest, hands over head, bare feet

Producer: AMAZON-WARRIORS Time: 06:40 Full HD OCT 2017


Keywords: amazons, belly, breast, stabbing, arrows, topless, dragging, tied up, bare feet

Have fun!

Olaf & Team

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